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Than decorating the walls of the room

Ideas for decorating walls

Visually enlarge the room or room will helpLarge objects on the wall. It does not necessarily have to acquire extraordinary works of art. For such purposes, a tapestry, a patchwork quilt in a modern style, which can be purchased for a small price from students, artists. You can use improvised items, for example, to create something original: paint a piece of plywood with a one-color color, and write a meaningful word in large letters. As a result, a sample of contemporary art will be released. The inscription can be made in one of the exotic languages, which will give intrigue, and the translation of the selected word can be found in dictionaries or on the Internet.

You can use another option: To cover the picture frame or the old picture with the material of a beautiful coloring (several panels are very interesting). For these purposes, in addition to the material, you will need a stapler.

You can also cobble from old boards orBeautiful twigs frame for the picture, which will be an excellent addition to the rustic style of the cottage. Inside the frame, you can hang a bunch of unnecessary keys, put a picture embroidered with thread-mulina or ribbons, or you can decorate the frame under the window.

The decoration of the wall can be the most unusual onFirst sight of objects, it is not necessary to hang objects enclosed in a frame on a wall. You can, for example, build an exhibition shelf from an old wooden stair, just paint it in a bright color.

Often, household possessions contain possibleTreasures, with which you can decorate the walls of the room. If you have found a whole collection of frames of various colors, shapes and sizes, you can use them, paint them in one color. Very modern and stylish look frames white and black. Different colors of the frames can refresh not only the wall, but the whole room as a whole: the bright and cheerful color of the frames is capable of adding light to a monotonous, faded, dark room.

How to fill the frame

Flip through family albums, rummage throughFashion magazines, in old wall calendars. For a poster or a picture, you can draw a frame directly on the wall, you just need to measure and outline the boundaries correctly. The contrasting colors of the frame look quite effective, while the outer line of the frame should be at a distance of 10-15 cm from the edge of the picture. The thickness of the drawn frame can be chosen based on your own fantasies and tastes. If there is still free space, paint it in a light neutral tone. In the painted frame on the wall, you can put a few small pictures or a group of small accessories.

Old books can also become a decoration of the walls: Using a clerical knife neatly cut out the liked pages and pasted with the help of paste on the wall. There are no old books? No problem, they can be found in flea markets, flea markets.

Add a twist can be a simple way -Paint the wall with stripes (you can paint the entire room). To do this, use deep and light shades of the same color (chocolate and beige), and you can play on contrasts. To create an interesting effect, it is enough to make strips of different widths. To create clarity and evenness of the lines, use paper adhesive tape and then you can not be afraid to go beyond the edge of the strip. When the paint dries, the tape can be removed. When drawing strips, you should take into account the size of the room: smaller room - strips already, more room - strips wider.

Playing in different colors can be done onWall to create a work of art in the style of Mondrian - divide into rectangular blocks the wall (the blocks should be of different sizes) and paint them in different colors. Painted in this way, the wall will be the decoration of the room.

If you are afraid of experimenting with large brushes with brushes, paints, adhesive tape, then try your creativity in small rooms, for example, in the corridor, toilet, bathroom.

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