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What pictures are hung in the kitchen?

What pictures are hung in the kitchen

Designers are advised to hang a still life in the kitchen. This can be posters, still lifes of a brush of famous artists of modern times and past eras. Someone prefers still-lifes with the image of a pear or a lone bouquet of wildflowers, a brush of Flemish Renaissance, someone likes the still-lives in the style of Kuindzhi or Khrutsky.

Naturally, the choice of the kitchen paintings oneStill life is not limited. You can hang a quiet landscape or hang a portrait. The main thing is that pictures in the kitchen should not contain dark and dark tones, scenes of wars and violence. If the first case on the wall of the kitchen hangs vertically a panel of an oval shape or a round dish, and in the second case - horizontally rectangular. If you pay attention to the panel or dish, then the picture should be oval or round.

Experts in Feng Shui recommend hangingPictures on which the green color predominates. Green color supports the elements of the Tree. This element directs all the processes in the kitchen - cooking, eating. It can be pears or green apples, landscapes with a predominance of green. Posters or paintings for the kitchen can be and with a predominance of red. In Feng Shui, red color is the symbol of the element of Fire. She supports everything that is associated with the home. It is in the kitchen that there is a home and this is a stove. In addition, the red color raises the mood and stimulates the appetite.

The main adviser in choosing a picture of Feng Shui - your intuition

If you are going to choose a picture without a clearAppointment, you need to try to attach to the wall pieces of matter of different colors and the size of the supposed picture, listen to the feelings, whether you like it or not. Comfortable to you or not, so you pick the right color. This applies to different rooms, if you are not very comfortable with the green picture, choose another color you like. If after placing the matter in the room something is wrong, then this color is not appropriate here. You need to continue to experiment using other shades, using the rest of the colors. If you are comfortable at the subconscious level, energy is improving.

Buy a kitchen landscape or a still life you decide. This is a matter of education and taste. Correctly selected pictures will help to attract positive energy and good luck to the house, for good reason the pictures in feng shui are of great importance.

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