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Orange color in the interior

Orange color

In addition, this is a pretty bright color and you need to takeSlightly muted its shades, and for the accent you can choose rich options. Of the popular shades of orange, terracotta is popular. This shade is used for interior in the Mediterranean style. This warm color gives a feeling of well-being and stability. Orange color is used in more modern styles. It perfectly harmonizes with white color, and as a bright accent it is appropriate in the interior, which is designed in the loft style.

Orange is a strong color, it muffles the dazzling shade of white. For example, against a background of orange walls a white sofa will look creamy.

Terracotta shade looks in any room. It is suitable for office, living room and bedroom. Orange bright color can be used as an accent for the bedroom, it can be a lamp shade, floor lamp, decorative pillows, bedspread on the bed and so on.

In the living room, terracotta tonesCreating a friendly, carefree, fun atmosphere. In the interior of the nursery orange color is appropriate. He makes a small room visually spacious and light. This color is better to use in such rooms that go to the north side. But if the room is already light and hot enough in the summer, it is better to refuse the orange color. It is necessary to know that the excess of this color will have a negative effect, then it is better to supplement it with a neutral neutral beige.

Designers recommend an orange color for the kitchen,It is believed that this shade is associated with home comfort and stimulates a good appetite. With this color in the kitchen you can combine yellow, dark brown and beige. And it is even better to choose an orange or pumpkin shade. It combines orange with a cool shade of gray in a hi-tech style. Gray it slightly extinguishes the orange color.

Combination of orange and other colors

  • A combination of black and orange colors is a very aggressive combination;
  • The combination of orange with purple is a bold and very unfortunate combination;
  • A combination of bright pink and orange - an unthinkable combination;
  • The combination of green and orange is a very good combination. One important rule is to choose warm shades of green, then this combination will be very harmonious.

Orange color is an amazing shade. It does not have cold shades, there are some warm colors. Interior trifles of this color are an excellent option for a cold winter. To remove the apathy and fatigue, which often appear in our time at this time, it is enough to put a sofa cushion or blanket in this color scheme, and lay an orange dish on the fruit. And even if you put oranges and tangerines on a white plate, their delicate aroma and cheerful color will quickly fill the space of the apartment and give you a feeling of celebration and happiness.

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