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How to decorate a niche in the wall

How to decorate a niche in the wall?

Niche and its advantages

A niche in the wall will give extra space, toFor example, with a wall thickness of 25 cm, you can still win additional space, 20 cm deep. And if you do not have enough of this depth and you are going to put something big in the niche, you can make a protruding shelf, audio and video equipment will go in there.

How to make a niche in the wall?

In any wall you can make a niche, but toInterference in the bearing walls will require the consent of the relevant local authority and engineering permission. It is much more difficult to make a niche in a bearing wall, and gypsum plaster partitions can be changed independently and they easily give in to any changes, but for this you will need a special tool and correct calculations. It will be better to resort to the services of professionals, they will quickly issue a niche of the desired form. And when you make a niche, take care of the noise insulation, the back wall of the niche needs to be trimmed with insulating material or to this place to put in the next room cabinets.

Niche design in the wall

Niche is not only a depression in the wall thatDesigned for figurines and vases, and a harmonious space that has a color solution and illumination. As designers recommend, there are two ways to design a niche, this is using a close or contrasting hue. You can not paint niches in dark colors, since the niche will look like a "black hole". It is better for them to prefer bright colors or pastel, calm shades. You should pay attention to the shape of the niche. A horizontal niche is suitable for rooms in which there is a long and low furniture, for example, a curbstone or a bed. The horizontal niche looks good next to the closet, a bulky chest of drawers, with a door or with a window.

What can be placed in a niche?

In niches usually have electronics, householdTechnique, bookshelves, figurines, vases, decorative elements. Some apartments have natural niches, these are grooves in the bathroom and kitchen, which are needed for the ventilation system, deepening near the battery and fireplace. In the niches you can arrange a library, photographs, paintings, decorative objects. They are well suited to accommodate small and cosmetic items, this niche is perfect for a bathroom.

Niche for large items

In addition to decorative niches, there are also functional niches.Are performed for placing large-sized pieces of furniture or appliances. There you can arrange furniture, a washing machine, a music center and a TV. Stacked in a niche, a wardrobe, a sofa, a chest of drawers, allows you to save a lot of free space and brings the interior to order. The cabinets built into the wall are very popular, they save space. If household appliances are put in a niche, for example, a refrigerator or a washing machine, they will not be practically noticeable.

Small niches can serve as shelves forDishes or a bookcase. Typically, decorative niches are located in prominent places, on which the look may linger. The advantage of these niches is that they can be supplemented and trimmed with different elements, pasted, repainted.

Decoration of a niche in the wall

Often in the design of the niches use a tree,Glass, decorative stone, metal. The stone is ideal for public rooms - a hallway, living room, dining room and is not suitable for a nursery or a bedroom. Heavier space.


The backlight can be on the side or on top. In the evening, the backlight is used for dim lighting.

To find out what you can decorate a niche in the wall, use these tips.

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