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Black color in the interior

Black color strongly presses and depresses the nervousSystem, sets the person to despondency, melancholy and leads to loneliness. These are minuses of black color. And the pluses allow you to concentrate on complex tasks. Black color has a culture and sophistication, it resists a gamut of vulgar colors.

It visually reduces and detaches the object, stronglyAbsorbs light, thereby reducing the surrounding space, this color is not suitable for tight rooms. Black color looks good on vertical surfaces, as in the vertical any color seems easier.

The combination of black and white in the interior createsAlternation of light and darkness, day and night, as a "zebra". The combination at the bottom of some surface of black and white at the top, gives a classic stability, and if done on the contrary, then there will be instability.

Black color in the interior

Kitchen. Black color here will look inhospitable andUncomfortable. Even if you wanted to make this place dark, you need to make bright additional touches. Accents in various trifles (rugs, napkins, paintings, dishes), in the upholstery of chairs, accents of warm tones in the form of inserts in the tile, furniture, create a sense of life in the house.

Living room. The black living room is not exactly a standard approach,If only you do not like to surprise guests with a stylish chip and if you are a lone wolf. And if in this apartment there is a family that prefers family gatherings, then the black color is in high spirits and easy communication, alas, not an ally.

Children's room. It is strictly forbidden in the interior of black color. Already in adolescence, children are very impressionable and subtle. It is not necessary to deprive them of the living emotions and colors of life.

Bedroom. In the bedroom, black color on one side can crush because of a small space, and on the other hand creates a daring, not devoid of sexuality atmosphere.

Bathroom. The original outlet will be a black bath. It's always clean and stylish. But in a dark enclosed space, you can be scared to be there. In the morning it will not give a charge of cheerfulness.

The office. The black office will be very gloomy and press onVisitors, but at the same time it can be beneficial to influence them. If you are not a hard and not gloomy person in life, you will be uncomfortable in this place alone.

From a practical point of view, black curtains,Pillows, bedspreads, floor, walls can keep a fresh look for a long time, this is an excellent way for lazy housewives and busy people. But the black color has its drawbacks, dust is visible on it, and if the black furniture or accessories are glossy, then they will be visible scratches and scuffs.

In the interior, black is possible, but this depends on the preferences for this color of the owners of the apartment.

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