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Design of a bedroom for a girl

Design of a bedroom for a girl

Bedroom design for girls up to 3 years old

For this room are important: Ecological compatibility, safety, practicality. The floor should be without carpets that collect a lot of dust and can cause allergy in your child, besides the floor must be necessarily warm. Here, suitable coatings, such as laminate or parquet.

When choosing wallpaper, you should avoid very dark orBright colors. It is better to give preference to calm, light and warm tones. For girls, interior design in pink colors will do. The light in the room should not be annoying. It is necessary that the interior lighting be scattered and soft. At bed for illumination it is necessary to put a night light. On the window, the curtains should be made of dense material, so that during the day there was a comfortable atmosphere for sleeping.

Of the bedroom furniture will need: A baby bed, a highchair, an arena, a closet, where you can clean children's clothes, diapers, hygiene items. The armchair of the mother and the changing table should be located near the crib so that it is convenient to feed the baby.

Bedroom from 3-7 years old

By this age the girl achieves a great deal of emotional and physical activity. Therefore, the design of the children's room needs changes. Now we will divide the interior into zones.

Game and recreation area is a children's playground, inWhich many toys and there is a sports complex. These are rope ropes, stairs, swings. Big delight in girls is caused by bunk beds, where the very first tier looks like a house for playing, and the second tier occupies the bed.

In the decor of the room you can make some changes. Suitable wallpaper with a picture or wallpaper with bright colors, but do not forget that the walls - this is a special object for little girls. Who did not stick stickers on the walls or painted pencils in the childhood?

The ceiling in the children's room should be done this way,So that it was possible to relieve the tension and fatigue of the child. Strong and serene sleep will present a ceiling design with "flying comets" and "burning stars". And if the lamp is chosen in the form of the moon - this will be an excellent addition to such a night "sky".

Bedroom design girls from 7 years old

Your daughter is already a schoolgirl. And this is an excuse to think that the interior is no longer a child's room. You need serious changes and when designing a bedroom for a girl you need to consider its taste. The wallpaper with the bears is no longer suitable, the game zone will not work, you need to think about school supplies to change the interior design, you need racks and shelves for books, a comfortable work chair, a desk. Wardrobe needs more and the bed needs to be matched to her age. You should think about the need to buy a TV and a computer, so that when girlfriends come to the girlfriend, they would not be bored.

An important detail of this interior is the light. Your girl's vision depends on the lighting in the nursery. You need to pay attention to warm light, you need to avoid fluorescent glow. To be able to draw and learn lessons, the desk should be sufficiently lit.

In the interior of the girl's room, an important element must be a mirror. Better that it was with boxes, where you could put beads, elastic, hair clips, makeup.

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