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Design of a narrow hallway

Design of a narrow hallway

Open space

In most apartments the darkest and narrowestThe room is an entrance hall. And from this feeling "crypt" you need to get rid of, and for this you need to remove unnecessary bulky furniture and eliminate the mezzanine.

Architectural "tricks"

Through openings by the type of false windows, stained-glass windows, nichesWith an insert of mirrors and with illumination. When choosing finishing materials, you should abandon such opaque textures as volumetric plaster, stone, wood. It is better not to use wall panels, they "eat" precious centimeters. The best option for a small hallway will be high-quality non-woven or vinyl wallpaper.

Let there be light

By lighting, you can change the perceptionA small hallway. In addition to the traditional overhead light, use the illumination of niches, sconces, floor lamps, shelves, this will make the hallway room more interesting. And such surfaces that reflect light, this stretch glossy ceilings, stained-glass windows, mirrors, will help at least visually increase the hallway.

"Smart" fixtures

If the hall is finished repair and noChanges with wiring is not expected, you can advise such a novelty as sound fixtures. On the sound of your footsteps they are lit and thus the space in the hallway is illuminated. For the installation of fixtures, no tools are needed, they are fixed in the necessary places, the lamps themselves are powered by batteries. The built-in intensity controller will allow using them instead of a night light.

The lighter the better

A small space can be expanded visuallyWith the help of color. For the main surfaces - ceiling, floor, walls, you need to use gray, coffee with milk, white, beige. If you want brightness, part of the open space should be painted in a contrasting color. It is better to make the ceiling white, this will give your hallway an effect of greater volume.

The Sexual Issue

If you erect a floorCoating, it will make the intimate hallway visually more spacious. To do this, flooring, you need to take it outside, so "go" to the territory of the living room or kitchen. Or you can proceed as follows - put a carpet path that will seamlessly pass from the hallway to the room. And the idea is this: when a person enters the hallway, his gaze is directed to the floor and the larger the floor area in the hallway, the more the hallway will appear larger. And the "language", which will form a floor covering, will give the house an extra "zest". For example, you can arrange a podium in a narrow hallway, raise the floor level by 10 cm or decorate the joints of floor coverings such as a broken line, a semicircle, and so on.


In the small hallway will be appropriate closet andOnly if you install it in a niche. If the hallway is an elongated narrow corridor and the footage is small, then it is not necessary to use the furniture, then the room will look like a junk warehouse. Better in some room to fence off the dressing room.

Gentlemen's set

Laconic version of the furniture - a hanger, whichIt is strengthened on the wall in the form of a plank with hooks. For children, you need to install hooks at the level of their growth, for umbrellas - a floor stand, a shelf for headgear and a shelf for the phone. The more large things are visible, the more spacious the room looks.

A long and narrow hallway for interior design is not an easy option. But with a competent approach, you can choose a good design of the hallway and make a spectacular and cozy room.

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