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How to choose the right baby cot

How to choose the right bed for the baby?

Material for baby cots

It's no secret that a lot depends on naturalnessThis or that thing. For a baby crib at all times, the best material was a tree. The tree has a breathing property, it allows the child's body to breathe. In the crib, a small amount of plastic or metal parts is acceptable. When choosing a crib, it is not so easy to determine from what it is made. Therefore, you can ask the seller for a cot hygienic certificate, there will be specified the material from which the baby bed is made and how much it is "harmless". Compared with other materials, the best and most expensive are birch, maple, alder. Cots made of pine are considered cheaper and not bad, but due to the fact that the pine is a soft tree, there may be traces of your baby's teeth or traces of toys on the crib. A cot of wood will be absolutely harmless to the baby. In addition, it is easy to clean and you can easily keep the baby's crib clean.

Legs of a cot

The cot should stand firmly on its feet. For very young children, cot-rocking or cradles are considered comfortable. But by 4 months, when your baby grows up, you will need to install stable legs for a cot-rocking chair. To the crumb did not swing and then fell out of it. While the newborn is comfortable to rock in the crib, you do not need to deprive him of the pleasure to soak up on your hands. After all, even the most excellent crib can not replace all the love and warmth of the parental embrace.

The sides and the depth of the day of a baby bed

It is best to buy a crib in which you canWill adjust the height of the bottom. A newborn baby is conveniently placed at a shallow depth so that you can reach and lay a small child. When the child becomes more active and grows slightly, it is necessary to lower it below the bed of the crib so that the depth from the mattress to the upper edge is 65 cm so that in a fit of curiosity the child can not fall out of the crib.

For the grown up kid it is possible to take out in a bedA few twigs or take off the edge, this will allow the child to get out of the crib. The fact that you can remove the border is useful, if a newborn child can be put in a crib and pushed close to the parent's bed. Mothers will be easier to feed the baby with such a bed at night and then she will not have to get up from her bed. Yes, and the baby next to my mother will sleep better.

Distance between the grill bars on the bed

When buying a crib, do not be lazy and takeA ruler or roulette, as in the construction of the crib an important role is played by the distance between the bars of the grid. The normal distance is 6 cm, so that the legs, handles or head of the child do not get stuck between the slats.

Bottom of a cot

If the bottom of the child's bed is slatted, this will promote normal air circulation, will allow breathing the mattress and all this will affect the child's healthy sleep.

How old is the baby cot?

Different models of cribs some of them can beUse up to 2 years, others can be transformed and lengthened, as a result, you can turn a baby cot into a children's couch. But in any case, the choice is yours!

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