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Chinese Kitchen Design

Characteristic features of the Chinese style

Modern China is a resettled country. The living quarters are small and there are not enough places for the kitchen. Accordingly, and kitchen furniture is reduced at times to extremes. It is often a kind of transformer, where everything is built into everything. Often the plate joins the table. For us, this design of the kitchen is not relevant. Therefore, it is better to take as a basis an old Chinese style with spacious rooms, a characteristic color scheme and certain rules for lighting.

The traditional Chinese color scheme isA combination of red, black and golden colors. The facades of the MDF kitchen are beautifully painted in the color of a golden metallic with a pattern applied. China is characterized by soft landscapes of nature and animal images. For a basis it is possible to take a printout of an ancient Chinese engraving. The picture can be monochrome, for example, red. The game of gold and red colors fully corresponds to the canons of feng shui.

Kitchen in Chinese style is impossible to imagineWithout the availability of natural materials. If the facade of the kitchen group looks more effective from modern materials, then the table and table top can be made using natural stone, marble, porcelain tiles. Harmoniously, glazed tables with a composition of dried flowers, fruits, nuts, shells under glass will look. In the design of the kitchen must necessarily be present elements of natural wood. Feng Shui traditions recommend careful use of mirrors in design. For example, they can not be installed opposite the entrance, near the dining table.

The most important component of the Chinese style isOrganization of lighting. Previously, in China, all houses were built with upturned roofs, so that the maximum amount of light penetrated the windows. Therefore, the room should be light, but with the effect of natural lighting. For example, instead of the central spotlight, you can set the daylight light on the kitchen contour.

According to the Chinese tradition, the window can not be anythingEven with light curtains. But in this case the windows will look faceless and lonely. Acceptable output - zadekorirovat windows around the perimeter, creating the effect of the picture frame. And if the window is a beautiful view, then instead of a banal window you get a kind of "live" picture.

Chinese decor

It is impossible to beat the Chinese style withoutUse of scenery and beautiful accessories. If you can use minimalism in furniture, then the space as a whole should not cause feelings of loneliness and emptiness. After all, in the Chinese tradition, eating is not just saturation, it's a kind of sacred activity. The kitchen should cause pleasant sensations, be comfortable, where you can invite guests without embarrassment. The effect of coziness is decorated by feng shui.

One of the walls should be decorated with a large panel withTraditional for China plot. Chinese have a subtle sense of nature, so in their subjects landscapes, birds, dragons, tigers, flowering plants prevail. People and buildings are depicted less often. The color scheme of the picture should be very gentle, the bed colors and not clear lines. Wall composition can be beaten on the doors of lockers, table tops, table tops.

Often in interior design kitchens are usedSquares. They expand the space and add depth to the interior. For example, glazed doors of lockers in square frames, wooden shelves in the form of a field for playing tic-tac-toe, or decorative trellised compositions on the walls. The color should be natural wood, or black and brown shades.

What kind of Chinese interior without different carvedFigures and mascots of feng shui? Talismans-symbols are figures of gods and animals. By feng shui, it is also useful to hang bells, bamboo flutes, fans, "wind music". Put a fountain, an aquarium.

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