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Country kitchen interior

Kitchen furniture in country style

To create an interior country kitchen needsTake into account that everything must correspond to naturalness and naturalness. This interior combines natural shades, comfort and convenience, elegance and simplicity. Kitchens in country style should be executed in restrained and warm natural shades. Good choice - cabinet kitchen furniture, which due to its diversity and design is very ergonomically arranged space. The surface of the facades is glossy, matte or slightly rough (antique). These surfaces perfectly show the natural structure of wood, this very successfully emphasizes the natural style. To complement and decorate the design of the kitchen in this style will help bamboo or wooden furniture, rattan or wicker furniture, a variety of cabinet doors, an unusual form of shelves. Furniture for kitchen-country can be painted, and with green or olive color it will look natural and fresh. Shades of beige will give the kitchen light and coziness. Not bad diversify the interior of this kitchen door with glass. In such sideboards or cabinets you can put an antique service, porcelain, collection ware.

The interior of the country bears in itself an addition andContinuation of ekostilya. Here you should not be afraid of experiments, make furniture unusual, stylish. Decorate it with special stencils for decor. Use pictures with a floral or ethical bias. Kitchen with such furniture will radiate the atmosphere of a cozy home and peace.

Kitchen Decor in Country Style

Walls in country style can be painted orPasted. An excellent option - bamboo wallpaper, wallpaper with a floral pattern. On the floor, you can put parquet or linoleum (wooden mosaic). The interior of the kitchen can be decorated with small elements of decor: lamps in the form of clocks, sconces, floorboards, weaving from the vine.

In rural simple kitchen utensils is thatIt is necessary. Dishes made of ceramics, wood, clay, cans for spices and cereals, pots of cast iron, a teapot decorated with a "doll" are the main attributes that emphasize the kitchen style of the country.

Do not forget about the original lighting. For example, a chandelier in the form of a barrel, an old chandelier in the form of candlesticks, which will complement the style of the country cuisine and emphasize the old.

A good choice will be textile products. Curtains made of natural fabrics (cotton, linen, burlap, chintz). Their design can be different: Japanese, Australian, French, curtains with lambrequin. On the table cloth should be ruches or fringe, but potholes, towels with embroidery, napkins will help to successfully supplement and make a complete and organic country style.

Home appliances in country style

No matter how strange it may sound, but even the mostModern and unusual household appliances for the kitchen will perfectly fit into this style. Not a bad option - built-in appliances (oven, refrigerator, hob, dishwasher). Such household appliances can be successfully hidden behind the doors of cabinets or under the counter top, which does not violate the integrity of the entire interior.

In addition, there is a large numberVariants of household appliances, which is a good imitation of their predecessors. For example, installed instead of electronic timers mechanical, massive surface of gas stoves that resemble a real oven, hoods with a wooden decor. Variation is a huge amount, the main thing is to stop your choice on what will bring you comfort and convenience in the process of cooking.

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