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How to properly sunbathe on the sea

First, everyone wants a golden-chocolate uniform shade, and secondly, get not only a pleasant skin tone, but also do no harm to their health.

Secrets of the right tan in the sun

Since early childhood, only beginning to appear on theSun, to get a light shade, we hear the parents' instructions that you should take sunbaths in moderation. Also, in order not to harm the skin, it is necessary to warm yourself systematically, starting with a couple of minutes of pastime in the sun per day, gradually increasing the dose. This is one of the rules of how to properly sunbathe at sea.
It is also necessary to take into account the fact that after the onset of warmWe do not dare undress before a swimsuit, and day by day we get used to the sun, putting on a T-shirt, shorts and necessarily some head-piece, so as not to get a sunstroke.
Often people think that hiding under the strawUmbrella, they defended themselves from the sun, which means they know how to properly sunbathe. It should upset you that the rays have a property to penetrate and through protection. And so in the sun is better to sit out at home or in a hotel room than sitting under an umbrella, getting hurt your health without even knowing it.
It should also hide the sun under the sunSunglasses. But watch that the glasses were qualitative, because it happens that glasses bought with a huge discount, just spoil your eyes because of cheap plastic. Since such a material is better to pass the sun's rays and burns the cornea.
Do not fall asleep in the sun or notTake a great interest in reading magazines or books. You can lose vigilance and miss the moment when your skin will get a serious burn. Alcohol and cold drinks are incompatible, since they block the sensitivity of the skin.
Select different lotions, milk and sunscreen cream should only after listening to the advice of a consultant.

Sunburn by type of skin

If you are confused, what kind of sunscreen you need, try to determine what type of skin your skin belongs to.

Type 1.
The first type is people who have a lightSkin, light eyes (blue or green) and light hues of hair. Such people are very easy to get a burn, they can only dream of a beautiful golden tan and sunbathe on the sea for hours, because redness usually appears on the skin. Therefore, if you have this type of skin, then you are recommended to be no more than 7 minutes on the beach without a protective cream. Do not forget about the maximum protection of the skin SPF30.
Type 2.
This type of people are also people with lightSkin, with the red hair color and already either blue or brown eye shades with freckles. This type is more hardy, but still similar to the first. People with this type of skin need to use the means with protection SPF20, as well as SPF30.
Type 3.
This type of people are light-skinned people, but withThis having brown eyes and fair hair. Despite the fact that the skin of this type is susceptible to burns, yet it does not get bad shade of golden chocolate tan. Therefore, people of this type are recommended to use SPF15 and SPF8 for the first week and SPF6 for the second.
Type 4.
Such people have already dark skin with darkEyes and dark hair, they almost do not burn and their skin takes a delicious chocolate shade. During the first week at sea, use creams with protection SPF10, during the next - apply funds with protection SPF6.
Type 5.
People with very dark skin can easily sunbathe, they almost do not fear burns, but you should use SPF6 protection.
Type 6.
This type includes black people, they do not need sunscreen, but they need moisturizing creams and lotions.

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