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How to choose an air conditioner

First of all, let's look at the classification of air conditioners. They are divided into groups, depending on the field of application and the methods of installation. The first division includes 3 types: Domestic (Needed for residential and public premises of 10-100 square meters), Industrial (In the zone of climate control, whole cottages, offices, apartments, the area of ​​which is up to 300 sq.m.) and Semi-industrial System (a zone of more than 300 square meters). As the area increases, the power increases accordingly.

Variations of installation methods divide air conditioners into window variants, mobile climatizers and split-systems. Let us consider each species in more detail.

Window systems - one of the first civilized air conditioners (available in the form of air-conditioners, first put on mass production).

Every year, demand for this species is falling and thisThere are reasons. First, to install the system, it is required to cut a hole in a window glass of a certain size. This is a significant disadvantage in regions with cold winters: frosty air penetrates through the housing of the system, breaking the thermal insulation. Thus, one part of the air conditioner is outside, which emits warm air, and the second part, back first, delivers cool air into the room. Secondly, the compressor of such an air conditioner is very noisy. Another factor "against" is the uniformity of the system: most such air conditioners only cool the room without warming it. Of the advantages can be called a low price and ease of control.

Mobile or floor systems can be installed by an ordinary user. This is their main advantage. By the minuses can be attributed the same noise, low power and high cost.

Split system - the most common type of air conditioners. The affordable price is almost always the determining factor. This type is ideal for both an apartment and an office space, with an area of ​​up to 70 sq.m. Disadvantage - limited power, usually up to 7 kW.

Now let's look at the power consumption. Many take this figure for cooling capacity. In fact, these are different parameters. You can calculate the consumption by dividing the cooling power by 3. So, if your chosen system has a cooling power of 2.7 kW, it consumes 3 times less, i.e. 900 W, which is even less than an electric kettle.

When choosing an air conditioner, of course, a largeAttention is paid to the price. As is known, in most cases, the higher the price, the better the quality. But how to find a good air conditioner at a reasonable price? It all depends on the manufacturer.

The most elite systems usually do in Japan. In the lineup there are such advancedCompanies-manufacturers like Daikin, Toshiba, Mitsubishi. The lowest price of the goods of this group is in the region of $ 1000. Elite air conditioners are distinguished by reliability, durability, high degree of protection, low noise level, small dimensions and, of course, modern style.

Manufacturers of air conditioners of the second quality group - Japan, Europe. A distinctive feature of these systems is the balanceBetween price and quality. The noise level is slightly higher than for the systems of the first group. Also, some functions are simplified. Air conditioners of this group are an excellent example of a low price, not at the expense of quality. Well-known brands - Hyundai, Sharp, Panasonic.

The group of budget air conditioners is made up of Russian, Chinese and Korean systems. LG and Samsung companies are their brightest representatives. The percentage of marriage in this group is high enough, in this regard, significantly reduced the declared life. Air conditioners are not equipped with protection against misuse, and this increases the risk of breakage. The noise level is significantly higher than the first group. Budget climbers have a fairly simplified system that affects the operation of the system: now the air conditioner will have to work in a narrower range of outside air temperatures.

Budget group - selection of people with limitedFinancial opportunities. And yet this option is perfectly suitable for household use. Do not forget that among the budget group you can find a system with acceptable quality. Manufacturers such as Midea, Ballu are little-known brands. But even the cheapest goods of these firms are almost as good as the representatives of the second group.

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