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Choose a gas stove

Initially, it is necessary to determine the electricalThere will be a stove or gas, or can be combined. If we compare the electric and gas stoves to the object, which is better, there can not be an unambiguous answer. Gas burners on the surface of the plate by the speed of heating and ease of use are still better than electric pancakes and even glass-ceramic surfaces, but the gas oven is inferior to electric in a number of parameters. For example, in an electric oven, the temperature is strictly maintained and does not depend on the gas pressure, which makes cooking easier and safer. In addition, the dish warms evenly, which helps to avoid burning on one side, while the other dish is still damp. However, gas ovens have many fans who prefer cooking on open fire.

Thus, having decided to choose a gas cooker as your assistant in the kitchen, you should proceed to determine the optimal sizes for your kitchen.

The height of the gas cooker is by and large standard - 85 cm, which is ideal for kitchen furniture.

The compact standard of the plates is 50 * 215; 50 cm. Suitable for small kitchens and small families. The problem here is that it is difficult to prepare several dishes at the same time, as even not very large dishes can not fit on the stove. The way out is to place dishes on diagonally opposite burners. So you can use two burners. In addition, in such a plate a very small oven, especially if the oven is made qualitatively, with good thermal insulation.

The next standard is 50 * 215, 60 cm. This plate is more in depth, which gives more space on the gas surface. On the oven this does not affect - it is still small.

Well, the most common option - 60 * 215; 60cm. This size allows you to cook for a large family, the oven is also much larger. In general, there is space for work.

There are other options - 55 * 215; 55 cm (recently such plates are less often found in the store), 90 * 215; 60 cm, etc.

When choosing a gas-plate cover,how often you cook, and how the stove fits into the design of the kitchen. Now manufacturers offer variants with enamel coating (white, brown and black colors), coating with stainless steel (polished steel and matt). This also includes "gas on the glass."

Enamel is the most practical and simple option,habitual for many years of operation. However, in inexpensive plates, where the enamel is weaker, scratches can often appear during operation. This usually does not happen soon. Wash this surface only with non-abrasive detergents.

Stainless steel looks very impressive,especially polished, but it takes a lot of time and patience to care for it. Any touch to the plate leads to the formation of spots, and very noticeable. Requires special care products. The properties of polished steel is better than matte. The fact is that the matte steel is rough. Because of this, caring for her is a bit more complicated.

"Gas on the glass" looks very impressive, especially when the gas is burning. But always a little scary for the integrity of the plate.

Next, you should pay attention to the functions that the slabs are equipped with:

  • Gas control. The function is convenient and very useful. Lets do not worry about their own safety. A metal pin is located next to each burner, which, when cooled, blocks the gas supply. Pay attention to whether there is gas-control in the oven, as often manufacturers are satisfied with equipping only the burners on the surface. The downside is that, when switched on, the gas control knob must be held in the pressed state until the gas control element heats up.
  • The temperature regulator with a temperature scale allows you to choose the temperature in the oven not by eye, but by orienting yourself on a scale. In addition, in such ovens the set temperature is maintained much better.
  • Electro-ignition. Convenient function. Also not always present in the oven so that it is worth paying attention to.
  • Turbo-ring. The right thing to prepare a large number of dishes, rapid heating and, if you need a high temperature.
  • Cast-iron grilles for those who put large plates on the stove and just for greater reliability.
  • Grilling in the oven allows you to roast the dish from above.
  • Rotisserie, in fact, is attached to the grill, but it is not necessary. The oven can be equipped with a grill, but without a spit.
  • Double and triple glass avoids heating the oven from the outside.
  • The timer has nothing to do with the work of the plate. It performs the function of an alarm clock. Often they forget to use.
  • Telescopic guides for baking trays in the oven do not affect cooking, but are very convenient for cooking.
  • Capacity for dishes below. It may not be. It is convenient if the container is pulled out, and not just opened.
  • Static heating is very important for goodquality cooking and saving gas. The secret is simple: under the oven are fixed small rectangular stones that accumulate heat, and then gradually give it away.

Important trifles when choosing a slab.

To make the oven perform its functions qualitativelyand did not heat the nearest furniture, it is necessary to pay attention to the thickness of the walls in the oven when choosing. If the wall thickness is 2-3 cm, then most likely the thermal insulation is not important.

The cover can be both glass and metal. As you understand the metal cover is more reliable.

Check the fastening of the oven door and the attachment of the lid, as far as it is secure.

That's all. Successful you shopping.

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