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Choosing an e-book

The reasons for buying an e-book can bea bunch of. First, people do not want to spend money to buy literature of the usual format, if you can download a huge number of books for free through the Internet. Secondly, the lack of the ability to find a work in a printed publication, when in electronic form all (even rare) news items are usually open access. Thirdly, people began to "save" not only money, but also the place occupied by countless literature, dusting on shelves in apartments.

Since the advent of mobile phone,Some began to practice reading through them, but quickly felt the negative impact of such reading on vision, and also came to the conclusion that buying an e-book was a better solution.

A modern electronic book is truly a unique device, which, having a very compact size, can accommodate more than one thousand books.

If you decide to purchase an e-book for yourself or as a gift, the first question that will arise is "What kind of e-book to choose and how do they differ from each other?"

Consider the parameters (differences) of electronic books, each separately.

1. The screen. It is the main element of any e-book. From its quality and characteristics will depend not just your comfort, but also the health of the eyes. Screens are of several types:

  • E-lnk screen: Safe and easy option for your e-book. This screen shows the text of the book in the format that we are accustomed to seeing, holding the printed edition in our hands. Electricity when working with a book that has an E-lnk screen is almost not consumed, the viewing angle is 180 degrees, very convenient and functional. Most e-books have this kind of screen;
  • LCD color screen. Standard and already familiar to many LCD screen, but having a color illumination;
  • The LCD screen is black and white.

The best way to determine which screen e-book is right for you, is to take the device in hand and read a few paragraphs. The screen resolution is also not unimportant.

Before buying a book, decide how much textYou would like to see on one page. This will help determine the size of the device and pre-compose "requirements" to the screen of your future e-book. The most common parameters of e-books: a resolution of 320 to 460 and a diagonal of about 5.6 inches.

Also, the screens are sensory. For many potential users, this will be a big advantage, because with such a screen there is no need to use keys and buttons, and the speed of work will increase.

2. Backlight. Buy e-book with or without light- the matter is purely individual and does not affect the other characteristics of the electronic device in any way. But, if you are a true "fan" of literature, and you can not fall asleep without reading a few chapters of your favorite book, then you just need a highlight, so as not to interfere with your relatives.

3. The player. Progress in the field of electronic books is not onPlace and after the first e-books, almost immediately began to appear books with additional functions. One such nice addition is the MP3 player. It will be necessary for you in the event that you want not only to read books, but also to listen.

4. Size and weight of the device. The choice is wide enough, but it's better to buyE-book is not a large size, which conveniently "lies" in the hand and does not strain its weight. The small size of the books is very relevant for women, who in ladies' handbags are already full of "necessary" things, besides this device.

5. Support for various formats and Russification. Before buying an e-book carefullyStudy its capabilities by comparing the format of books that you plan to download with a list of formats supported by a particular e-book. It is also very important that the interface of the device is in Russian and correctly reproduced fonts and punctuation marks.

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