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Furniture in the style of Russian Art Nouveau

Traditional furniture in Art Nouveau style is idealSuitable for bedrooms and living rooms. The headset is elegant and simple, it fits into the interior of any room. Furniture in the Art Nouveau style is collections from world manufacturers. High quality furniture will be a decoration for your home.

What should I consider when creating an interior in the style of Russian modern?

  • Russian modernism is plasticity, elegance, comfort, comfort, luxury, respectability, some kind of understatement and floridity.
  • A memorable and vivid style of the situation, only not fanciful, but expensive.
  • In the center of the ceiling is a molded plafond.
  • Oval windows that are draped in the tone of the walls with a cloth, lambrequin repeats the pattern on the fabric, it is quite complex in shape.
  • Decorative details from carved oak, which decorate wall lamps with matt plafonds.
  • Carved doors have insets of bronze and glass.
  • Respectable and solid furniture with a noble decor of dark bronze.
  • Round table in the dining room, comfortable armchairs with bent backs, on the windows of glass, which are subjected to special treatment.
  • The walls are finished with wooden panels and fixtures creating a diffuse cozy light.

In the living room there is a crystal chandelier, on whichMany "candles". Armchairs, in which the backs look like halves of shells. Soft sofas with carved bent legs, with wooden armrests, sofas are covered with striped silk. Sculptures of bronze and marble can also stand. Interiors in the style of n Art Nouveau are reminiscent of precious caskets that are made by the master with a sense of proportion and excellent taste.

The combination of metal and wood brings its zest, when the kitchen is normally surrounded by furniture from natural wood, stainless steel sink and aluminum utensils.

For the living room is very popularModular furniture. Russian modern opens up great opportunities for designers who create tables, sofas, walls in a single style and other elements. It will be much more profitable to buy modular furniture, because if you choose an interior in a single solution, you can save money and time and create an ideal living room interior. It's practical and stylish to equip not only the living room, Russian modern, it's a style in which designers from Germany, Italy and other countries create good quality furniture for the dining room, bedroom and other premises in the house. Living room in the style of Russian Art Nouveau, this is the charm of luxury that is available to you.

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