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How to choose a laptop for study

Now, like never before, the choice of laptopsHuge, there are even special versions of them for study. And here the problems begin. An often asked question in such cases: Which one to choose? Which one is best for you? Should I give such money for a certain laptop?

This article will help everyone to finally choose a laptop that is right for you, for your pace of work in hobbies.

At the moment there are many companies,Which produce different laptops, which in their own way are good. In this case, each brand of the laptop has its own personal characteristics and it is worth paying attention to.

Before you start choosing a laptop, you needIt is determined for what exactly you need: work, rest or study. It is also necessary to pay attention to the operational efficiency and practical necessity - these are the main criteria. When you decide for which area of ​​activity you need a laptop, how much work will be done and with what loads - half the laptops will not work for you, that is, the choice has been halved.

An equally important step in choosing a laptop is the choiceBrand. Of course, every company strives to allocate its laptop from the best side, while not showing its shortcomings. That's why you need to study the laptops you are interested in and compare, so from 10 laptops after the comparison will remain 2-3. When choosing a brand, you should study its advantages and dignity over the rest. It is worth remembering that the more solid the brand, the more expensive the laptop - it's already wrapping up the brand.

Now you can often see discounts on laptops, which are worth paying attention to, because this is a chance to save money. But why sellers make discounts? There are several reasons.

  1. The laptop was removed from production due to technical problems.
  2. The product warehouse is full of this model.
  3. To increase the number of sales of this model.
And from this it is clear that stocks can be saved, but they should be paid attention and see if the model was removed from production and what drawbacks it has.

If you want to save, you should remember thatThe possibility and speed of the laptop will be less. If you want the laptop to be universal and have good speed, then its price will be more expensive, but in the work this difference is justified.

So, what kind of notebook should be for study?

  • It should be easy to use and have an attractive and durable housing, resistant to mechanical stress;
  • It should have a screen more than 15 inches, for convenient operation;
  • It should have a functional keyboard (better fully-fledged);
  • It should have a high-quality stuffing that allows the laptop to work long, fast, high-quality and perform several tasks simultaneously.

If you move frequently and you will needAlways carry a laptop with you, then it is better to use a lighter version of it, that would be less tired. But it is worth noting, the smaller the laptop, the smaller its diagonal, or less its performance.

For good efficiency and performanceLaptop needs a good processor. The central processor (CPU, also the central processing unit - CPU) is an electronic unit or an integrated circuit (microprocessor) that executes machine instructions (program code), the main part of the hardware of the computer or the programmable logic controller. The more powerful the processor, the faster the work of the laptop. To study some kind of super processor of a new generation will not be needed. But at the same time buying laptops with old and outdated processors because of their price is not worth it, because it will do harm to the work. It is worth choosing a processor of average performance, which can simultaneously solve many tasks.

Processors Atom, Core Duo and Core 2 Duo - These are inexpensive, but powerful processors, which will be enough for you.

The mandatory and important ability of a laptop - Internet access. But at the moment almost all laptops have such a function, as many laptops have Wi-Fi, which in our time is a very useful feature.

Operating memory Laptop has a big impact on the speed of workProcessors. If you need to work fast and hard, then try to staff your high-speed processor with large main memory. It is worth noting that in some notebooks, RAM can be increased (for example: from 2 GB to 4 GB - this is a big difference). This is exactly the case, the code is bigger - better.

Just pay attention to the choice Video cards, On which the quality of the video image depends. If you are not with those who like to play computer games, then you can save a lot on the video card. So for work will suffice video cards in volume - 512 Mb, for game it is necessary 1-2 Gb. The important thing is that a powerful video card takes a considerable resource of the processor.

Scope Hard drive It is better to have a maximum and here it is not important forGames, study or work, in any case, a large amount of space is required. If you want to save, you can purchase a medium-sized hard drive, and then replace it with a more powerful one. For study, work for the beginning will be quite enough volume - 350-500 GB.

It is worth paying attention to the additional features of the device. In this case, it will be important: 3G connection, HDMI-out, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and others according to needs. But all the extra features are worth the extra money, but those that I have listed are already standard. But all the possibilities are useful in their own way, but if you do not need it, why buy it.

In contrast to the PC, the parameters of the laptop is very difficultchange, and it is not recommended to do it yourself. But still, that you can change / improve: hard drive parameters, battery capacity, drive speed, RAM. The rest can not be changed. That is why it is extremely desirable to buy a laptop with the most convenient for you features and functions that will never fail you and do not upset you.

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