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Style vintage in the interior

Style vintage in the interior design can beIs supported in two ways. The first option: a vintage accent is attached to furniture and vintage accessories for the interior. In the second case, the basis of this style is laid the design of the entire design of the room, that is, the ceiling, floor and walls.

Ceiling decoration

Style vintage does not imply anyModernity. Most often, the ceiling is simply painted. In addition, it can be decorated with stucco. There should not be any excesses in the form of stretch ceilings and gypsum. Color necessarily white or cream. The presence of cracks on the ceiling and slightly cracked paint only complements the interior in the style of vintage, does not contradict it.


To the style of vintage ideally suited artificiallyAged or simply old parquet. The presence on it of traces of active exploitation is only welcomed. Another option for floor design is the use of artificially aged ceramic tiles or in fact old ones. This is especially suitable for a kitchen decorated in a vintage style.

Wall decoration

Before you start decorating the walls, you shouldAnswer the question: what exactly will a vintage style ask for - furniture or, after all, walls. In the first variant it is recommended to simply paint the walls, choosing for this light pastel colors. In another case, when there is no patinated furniture in the interior, the walls must be covered with wallpaper. Suitable are wallpapers with a gentle medium-sized floral pattern, with butterflies, as well as pastoral scenes. In addition, designers recommend using a vintage-style wallpaper with Japanese or Chinese motifs, thoughtful, calm. With the help of walls, you can bring the right shade, for example, wallpaper with a large and even a contrasting ornament. In any case, glue the wallpaper follows the entire area of ​​the walls.

Furniture in style of vintage

This style combines furniture of different times: Antiques, old grandmother's dressers, cabinets, as well as a new, slightly patinated table - it's all suitable. The greatest coloring has chests of drawers with lots of drawers, sideboards for festive dishes, bureaus.

Bedroom in this style implies forgedOpenwork or massive wooden bed. Upholstered furniture and chairs should have wooden inserts that fit well with textiles. Ancient interior items have their own history, so if the thing does not harmonize with the interior, work on it or move it to another room. Create light rubbing, replace the furniture handles, use the decoupage technique - and you will achieve the desired effect.


The decor of the vintage style is associated with an abundance of textiles,Decorative pillows, knitted napkins and tablecloths, furniture covers. Cups, teapots, plates of the last century perfectly match this style. Shabby books, old dolls, old frames with black and white photos, porcelain figurines, mirrors in massive carved frames will create the right mood.

Textiles must be present inRoom - baldkhin above the bed, curtains with flowers on podhvatah. But remember that everything should be in moderation, you can not overload the room with an abundance of decor, so as not to accidentally create a sensation of a mess.


The vintage style perfectly fits fabricLampshades, chandeliers with crystal pendants or imitating candelabra. Of course, there must be a presence of table lamps, candlesticks, floor lamps. Lighting should not be very bright, warm, multilevel. Candlesticks made of metal are recommended to patinate, to give the copper darkness, and bronze a little greens.

The above details will help to createIndividual, unique interior in the style of vintage. The advantage of it is that such an interior can not be damaged by a scratch on the furniture or an uncleared bed. All subjects have their own history and are endowed with soul.

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