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Cast-iron baths: more modern than ever

Despite the diversity, all models havecommon features. Cast-iron baths are certainly strong and heat-consuming. The fact that they keep the heat for a long time, you can not doubt. Attracts buyers also unpretentiousness of such products, and at the same time - its reliability. By the way, it happens both foreign and domestic. Despite the fact that Russian manufacturers are actively improving their models, they are still far from foreign analogues. On the other hand, domestic cast-iron baths are much cheaper, and their quality is generally acceptable, so there is a direct sense in buying Russian-made products.

Good adhesion of enamel to cast ironManufacturers provide by additional surface treatment with special metal prisms. The quality of a cast iron bath depends largely on the enamel coating. For example, in French factories, a special enamel is used in the production, which considerably prolongs the life of the products.

The disadvantage of cast iron baths is their largethe weight. This circumstance is inconvenient for transportation. But the heavy bath is stable, which means it's safe. Nobody disputes also with the fact that such a product has exceptional strength. The alloy of iron with carbon has been tested for centuries, since it is known since antiquity. It is comparable to steel, but the cost of cast-iron baths is lower.

However, the high quality of the cast-iron bath is notguaranteed to the consumer. It must be checked during the selection of the product. First, the surface of the bath must be very even, and evenly colored. If you notice leaks and chips, do not take such a copy.

More modern was also the design of bathtubs fromcast iron. As a rule, they are rectangular in shape. But this does not mean an automatic scarcity of choice. On the contrary, the appearance of such baths is becoming more diverse. It is not difficult to find products with headrests or those in which there are handles. Baths differ in different bundling and bending lines.

One of the options - a cast iron bath on the legs.
Such cast iron baths differ in theirdesign of the legs. Finishing also matters. Depending on the style preferences, you can choose a bath, legs with bark, for example, made in the Baroque style. Let's say it will be plant motifs.

At one time, baths were very popularlion's legs. Now hardly anyone remembers when they appeared, but the shape of the animal paws still fascinates. Products, despite the considerable age of such a design solution, enjoy constant popularity due to its aesthetic appeal and originality. Such baths are produced by different manufacturers, and the baths on the paws are far from the same.

Very modern look simple conical legs. Simply, concisely and at the same time quite spectacular. In a word, cast iron baths, which have proved themselves well for many years, are still relevant and modern. No new technologies can fully compete with them.
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