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Interior for a small bath

How to choose a plumbing for a small bath?

First of all, when planning a smallBathroom facilities should think about the need for a bath in it. After all, in order to save space, the bathtub can not be installed. The bathtub can be equipped with a shower cabin or a shower cabin. Choosing the right size of the booth, you can save a lot of space. Something between the booth and the bathroom is a shower box. He, of course, more shower cubicle, but, nevertheless, less than a bath. There is another convenient option - a shower room with a pressurized door.

If you still want the bath to stay,Then you can leave it, but you will need to pick up its non-standard shape or small size, on average from 150 to 120 cm. You can install it in the corner and save, as well as adjust the space of the bathroom. In this way you can place something else in the vacant space.

Which is better to choose a toilet bowl?

Something to come up with a toilet is difficult, because inA shared bathroom can not do without it, and in a small bathroom it is unlikely to install a bidet. Therefore, if you want to have this object, you better choose a toilet that also performs bidet function.

Washbasin selection

Limiting one sink, you also canSave space in your small bathroom. If you install a mini-sink, you can save a lot of space. Choosing a hanging sink, you can increase the free space of the bathroom. The novelty of the plumbing market is the sink over the washing machine. This is the best option for small baths. A sink over the washing machine will allow you to put the washing machine in even the smallest bathroom.

Interior for a small bathroom: a choice of furniture

Placement of furniture in the bathroom is alsoProblematic, since it takes up too much free space. Therefore, in the case of a small bathroom it is better to use a minimum of furniture.

The best option would be if instead of cabinetsFor bathroom accessories, cosmetics and household chemicals hang open shelves on the walls. Hang a single horizontal shelf or place a few on the perimeter of the bathroom under the ceiling. The horizontal shelf will allow you to visually move the walls. And if you hang a vertical glass shelf, then it will make the room higher.

In a bathroom with small dimensions, you need toMaximum use of all angles. Save space and ideally fit in the interior of the bath corner shelves, however, like the rest of the corner fittings, which is suitable for storing many things.

How to expand the space of the bathroom with the help of design techniques?

Picking up the optimal plumbing and furniture, you can apply optical techniques to expand the space of the bathroom.

1. Tile for finishing.

Visually expand the space can tile a small format. If you make a tile lengthwise or make a wall tiling with mosaic panels, then the same effect will be created.

2. Lighting.

If you install daylight, then the bathroomThe room will seem bigger. The window in the bathroom (if it is) can be hung with a light transparent curtain letting in the sunlight. In the absence of a window, install fluorescent lights and spotlights for greater illumination of the bathroom.

3. Mirrors.

Optically expand the space can mirror door shelves and cabinets, as well as hanging mirrors, especially if they are placed in the corners of the bathroom.

Correctly designed bathroom design andToilet, the use of photographs of ready-made design projects - this is perhaps the two main things you will need for your own bathroom project. A little non-standard thinking and fantasy flight will transform your small tight bathroom into a beautiful, neat and cozy bathroom.

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