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Trips for the New Year holidays

Nowadays you can go anywhere, but forIt is necessary to have means, and therefore, before going anywhere, the trip should be planned as soon as possible, but better several months before its implementation.

Trips New Year's almost nothingDiffer from ordinary trips, so you need to take with you all the same things that you take with you on ordinary trips. But you need to keep in mind that everything is different for the New Year, as in the usual time. The behavior of people on vacation New Years is much different than usual, people behave quite differently.

Choice of a place of rest.

If you decide to go to another country, the moreIf it is very often visited by tourists, then you need to think about how many trips the travel companies have prepared for sale. Try to buy tickets when they are sold at a discount. After all, you are probably aware of the fact that before the holidays prices for tours are very high. In order to get an inexpensive ticket, it's enough just to be attentive and clever in time to get the ticket that you wanted. If you plan to live in a hotel, then you need to be just as attentive, you need to book your rooms on time. Otherwise, you have to pay much more, and this can affect entertainment and rest, as money for them will be less.

When you decide on a place of rest,Be sure to read all of its customs and traditions, so as not to cause quite unpleasant problems. After all, every country, this is a separate story, with its own rules and laws. Therefore, if you visit them, then you must always observe all of their orders.

What to take with you?

To begin with it is necessary to think of your materialIf you have enough money. Before the trip, be sure to take a stock of money with you, but do not accidentally do not carry them with you. You can put them among all your things, or in a place that no one else will know about except you. In many countries fraud and theft are very developed. Therefore, you need to do this in order not to get into an unpleasant situation. Be sure to use these recommendations, because they are given to tourists not just so, but to prevent unpleasant situations.

Also you need to scan allYour documents (passport, other documents), and keep their copies on your e-mail. You need to buy a small safe, which should be taken with you to put there the Saami necessary and important things. When you go on an excursion or in some other place, put some of the necessary documents in the safe, but many hotels have such a service for tourists.


This is one of the most important items, because you are inAny time you can get injured, especially during the New Year holidays. At this time, especially a lot of people, they are all very mobile as ever. You should definitely check to see if all of the most necessary items are listed in your insurance, it is enough to just perform the formalities.

No matter where you decide to go, do not forgetAdhere to important rules: the atmosphere must be fun and festive; All activities involving children should be fun, interesting, so that children will remember this holiday for a long time, and so that the trip becomes unforgettable.

If you decide to go to a hot country, then you must take into account the age of children, their health and temperament, especially if the climate is different in which you now live.

For residents who live in the western regionsOur country, is advised to go with their children to where many of us are dreaming to get from childhood. For example, in Lapland, where Santa Claus lives, reading Anderson's fairy tale. But in such places it is best to go with children from five years old, because they already understand everything, for them it will be a great joy to meet with Santa Claus or Santa Claus. The child will be able to see all his deer, and even make a wish. Many tourists of our country are very fond of celebrating the New Year in Finland. There are many cottages, many skiing, but it's worth noting that this country is very cold, so if you eat there with your child, then you need to dress it appropriately for the weather, but you need to take a lot of warm things with you. In Finland, there are no severe frosts, but you do not have to walk around in the street around the clock.

You can go to Santa Claus in Veliky Ustyug. If you judge by the reviews of people who have vacationed in this place, then there is quite wonderful. Especially a lot of positive impressions left for children.

No less fun you will deliver and warmCountry, this is also a very good choice. But it's worth noting that from a sharp climate change, your child can get sick, especially for children under 8 years old. Before you go on a trip, take care of the nutrition and health of your child. Do not feed him sweets, fast food, give the child as much as possible vegetables, fruits, citrus, more vitamins, you can also take advantage of children's vitamins, which you can buy at the pharmacy.

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