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How fun to celebrate the new year together, original ideas

Want to meet New Year's Eve together with the coveted man? But at the same time with joy, happiness, not in a melancholy, gloomy despondency? Then it is necessary to understand everything.

How nice to meet the New Year with your beloved?

To celebrate the new year together is wonderful. The evening can turn into a real fairy tale and bring a lot of pleasure. A natural, almost reflex activity will be the desire to decorate your home. You understand that doing this on the evening of December 31, without seeing anything around, rushing headlong, running about the house wildly or searching for Christmas ornaments, colorful ornaments, or certainly not worth it. It is better to plan in advance the available free evening, planning a short time before this quiet occupation of decorating your apartment.

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Just decorate the Christmas tree is not enough. In order to wish to meet the New Year in a romantic, fabulous, cozy atmosphere, it is necessary to create this New Year's atmosphere. Use for decoration all sorts of garlands with Christmas balls, spruce branches with pine, but for the most New Year's Eve, prepare candles. Provided that there is no "interference" for the evening, in the absence of small children or animals, this electric garland can be hung in the most permissible and original places.

It is better to discuss together what each of youWants to expect from the first night when the New Year comes. The main rule - to strive to do everything together, because the New Year together, this is a step in a new time together. If only guided by their wishes, then, most likely, quarrels can not be avoided. There is nothing worse before the New Year than a quarrel.

It is better to prepare each other gifts with surprises- Let them be insignificant, but at the same time presented with soul. Put together a holiday menu in advance. None of you two are enthusiastic about cooking? It is better not to waste time in the kitchen, on December 31, walk through the nearby grocery stores, forked for ready-made salads, pizza, sushi.

Your script to "celebrate the New Year together" includesIn itself a kind of sexual marathon? Light meals from little-known products-aphrodisiacs - either caviar, mushrooms, or avocado and the like, should take place on your New Year's table.

It is better not to overeat - especially a large numberConsumed food in a variety of paired methods can become a serious cause and food poisoning. A slightly hungry stomach can manifest some kind of sexual hunger.

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How to celebrate the New Year with your beloved and not get bored?

Make styling in advance with an evening make-up will beNot superfluous. Be sure to dress both dressingly. Or maybe it's worth undressing? After all, you can meet this holiday and naked. Present the desired man an original and valuable gift - maybe a bikini, the design of the "Christmas tree". Such a sexual encounter of the coming year will be especially memorable for you.

And you can resort to a "cozy" scenario - justIn dressing gowns, and on the spread out sofa, along with a bunch of soft cushions available, passionately eating all sorts of goodies, but watching your favorite, amazing films.

Summarize in anticipation of this holiday. Remember all the bad things that happened in the current year, but in the past year, and, of course, everything is good. Unpleasant, annoying memories should be written on a sheet, then burned, so that unnecessary and bad things remain in this year old.

Do not want to spoil your mood differentlyViewing the usual "blue lights", always broadcast on New Year's Eve on TV? Then, in advance, find the discs with films that are associated with you for a good New Year.

Summing up is not the last thing you can do. Talk about your plans for the future. It is better to write down these desires on pieces of paper, then put them in a bottle from something - in a year you can get a "wish-list". Draw conclusions of what has already come true from the accumulated.

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A home New Year photo session is also possible. Remove congratulations "sent" to each other on your video camera. Then - in a few years, you can get an interesting collection of your family videos. It is not necessary to meet such a holiday either with friends, or with relatives, or alone, you can devote all the fabulous New Year's time to the most desired, beloved and unique man. He should evaluate your simple act in dignity, the answer of which can be an unforgettable, stormy night.

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