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New Year in a ski resort

Spend the New Year in a ski resort. Such a decision is the best way to meet a long-awaited holiday. The unique opportunity for young ladies to improve their health, the male sex - to get adrenaline, all children - to stick snowballs give such resorts located on all sorts of thermal springs. A new year at the resort is a good, attractive combination of outdoor activities with soothing thermal treatments. Female representatives like this opportunity, which "give" certain European countries, use almost from the very first days. The body can get stressed by intensified visits to the proposed health centers. Therefore, it is necessary to know everything about the measure.

Kind with healthy.

Combine for the New Year holidays on variousThermal springs with skiing - all that will be possible for the beginning. In Switzerland or Austria, resorts with mountain slopes are available. At the same ski resort, for example, Bad Ragaz, which "hides" in Switzerland, there is a place for a unique source with the presence of thermal water, perfectly enriched with magnesium with sulfur and calcium. Women's health will be a good combination of mountain descents on large 50-kilometer routes with warm water. Do you want to immediately enter the new regime, while intensively attending medical procedures? Better not worth it. In the first couple of days, the bodies have not yet recovered from the "replacement" of the climate, there is no getting used to other food, and the landscape too.

Swiss landscapes.

Located here in the Swiss mountains of the same nameLeukerbad and St. Moritz, who can not do without the glory of their medical procedures. In the Swiss mountains, the New Year will be pleased with clean air, pine freshness, as well as water procedures at famous thermal springs. Another resort - Bad Kleinkirchheim can offer a good combination of sources of clean water with unsurpassed trails. Insignificant content enriched with water, in particular radon and a large concentration of hydrochloric substances. Ideal is the climate for young ladies, who are experiencing "malfunctions" in the work of the whole blood circulation system. The peculiarity of the location is almost at an altitude of 1100 m above sea level - that's the thing.

Hospitable Austria.

There are resorts of Bad Gastein with Bad Hofgastein - alsoAustrian and not so well-known resorts that have relationships among themselves with certain networks of such ski slopes. Unique radon, not so well-known sources also have their place together with the thermal water deposits. Foreign New Year's days on skis from the start point should pass both calmly and without stress. Visiting of unique thermal pools, or saunas, or massages can be included in the schedule. For a complete relaxation, the ideal tool will be laid-back baths with this water, and saturated with certain mineral substances. It is necessary, upon arrival, to restore one's strength, at least by feeding the body along with trace elements, minerals.

Casual massage.

The next days of getting used to a different climate can beSwitch your daily schedule. One of the half day can be given to skiing, the other - to visit the biosauna. The muscles are worked, so you need to remove the accumulated lactic acid (ideally providing an average humidity and a temperature regime of 40-60 degrees). Evening stage of rest can be dedicated to relaxation, massage, or physiotherapy. Full restorative massage, of course, relaxes and invigorates, and also removes toxins from your organs, and it has a good effect on the vessels, and also relieves spasms. Some lymphatic drainage procedures are better recommended to patients with existing varicose veins. The pressure on these veins decreases with their help.

Benefits for the figure.

In one trip, the desire to connect the activeRest with the correction of the figure is normal for many young ladies. The organism should not be overloaded during the trip. Serious health problems may occur. Observe diet in the mountains is quite difficult. In this case, programs for the process of losing weight work only along with the restrictions assigned to nutrition. Keep in these mountains from high-calorie food is difficult: fresh air with movement well kindles appetite. Decreasing the volume of some procedures still have, which can be understood in a journey through the snow-capped peaks. This, for example, the course of wraps - a simple thing.

Alpine diet.

Want a beauty program with skiingTo see the good ones? During travel it is better to follow an alpine diet. The whole diet regime is not complicated. It will be like a hearty breakfast, and lunch. You can eat ham with an omelet in the morning, or canned fruit. Dairy products with meat products are also suitable. It is better to give up fresh fruit with too fatty dishes, since they can present a digestive disorder. You can eat some meat dish for lunch. Although fish with meat should be present on the kitchen table during trips every day. Until the evening, pleasant healing procedures for an hour or two are not recommended, almost nothing is there. But without panic - after the session it is better to back up your beloved body with natural juice.

A pleasant, amazing and unforgettable New Year to you. Let all the troubles, problems and so on not dare to prevent the celebration of such a beloved holiday.

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