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New Year's games and competitions for the corporate

Competitions for endurance. New Year Games, designed for the corporate,Can occur in the assembly halls, or even in study rooms. For the competition for endurance, the obligatory presence will be a scene. Among the colleagues selected a certain number of young participants who came to work with high heels. The presenter can ask the ladies to represent all possible poses on one leg, or even jump. It is necessary and not touch the floor for a couple of minutes, and skillfully stand. Time itself can be calculated by clapping. It is possible that you need to hold on to one leg 15 cotton. Who can take a longer hold, he is declared the first of all. The winner is assigned a certain set of cosmetics, and the losers are comfortable slippers. The game can be accompanied by cheerful replies coming from the presenter.

Competition for smiling. Contests for the corporate must be with a certainA touch of humor. New Year's competition for smiling recognizes the most serious employee available. The game is played in the assembly hall. Appointed and members of the jury. Contestants are divided into a couple of groups. The first of them builds attractive faces, also tries in every possible way to provoke another. Members of the jury celebrate the most gay faces, reveals one of the staunch tin soldiers. The winner can be someone who will remain serious last. You can not both laugh and smile. Contestants can be both men and women. The winner can receive a prize in the form of a candle, a magnet. To the ladies, in addition to the gift itself, you can give a flower. They will be very pleased.

Competition "The best interior". There are companies that come up with not onlyNew Year's competitions, designed for the corporate. You can announce in advance about the contest for the most festive, fun and beautiful decoration of staff cabinets. They also decorate their office with calendars, toys, and garlands. The winners can get a nice and tasty gift - for example, a cake with champagne. These events lead to a friendly atmosphere of the staff. Yes, and in a smart office, both the mood and performance are rising. Moreover, it is important when you have to wait several days before the New Year. Occupation of an ornament of a working cabinet even simple live colors in pots, can bring both a gift, and favor. They will be appreciated by every visiting cabinet.

Competition for some amateur performance. The game for creative amateur performance is a contest,Which must be prepared in advance. He is plotting the performance of the participants on the stage. The event will reveal the most talented employees. Yes, and it can be used, as well as an entertainment program. Participants can invent a dance, tell the rhyme of their own composition, or depict a semblance of a known personality. The winner is awarded with significant prizes, which is passed by the head of the company. The prizes themselves can be either a set of perfumery, or cosmetics, or household appliances. A talented player can be encouraged by a monetary prize, albeit not quite large.

Children's competition. Such a contest is announced in advance amongChildren, and grandsons of employees of this workplace. The winners will be announced at the festive quiz. Become the winners in this case, after all, children, so souvenirs should be inherent to them. For example, you can choose and different sweets, and toys, and jewelry. Such a children's contest is the result of creative crafts: drawings on the New Year theme, and collages, and molding from a plasticine base. Of these crafts, an exhibition will be presented. The event can be held among children, both younger children and juniors. But, in order not to leave anyone unvalued, it is necessary to provide various pleasant and comforting prizes. Children in fact can and be upset.

The event "Christmas tree toy". For the contest itself, some Christmas tree will be required,Then colored paper and ribbons, as well as scissors. From such paper kulechki are made. They will need to put a variety of gifts, or something universal, or something that is suitable for both men and women. Possible and stationery, and souvenirs for the transformation of the interior, and toys for children. The very girdles can be used as funny Christmas toys. They can be hung for colorful ribbons on the Christmas tree. The goal of the contest will be to try to cut off the present, treasured gift. To make the event interesting, participating in the contest can be blindfolded. But before you see the gift, a couple of prompts are given to the participant. He should guess what is inside there. Guessing - gets this gift, if not - he can give any consolation prize. Everyone will be pleased.

Culinary competition. Such competition gives a chance to compete incooking skills and salads, and baking, and snacks. An important condition of the event may be the desire for a dish to be tasty and traditional for some country. A desire may be a chance to use specific components. It is better to list the desired products in advance. Members of the jury will consider both the taste, the appearance, as well as the serving, and the originality of the recipe according to the thematic conditions of the competition. The winning participant, who took the main place, is presented, for example, with a food processor. For the next place, you can provide a steamer. Next - the juicer. Winners are awarded officially in the assembly hall. The cooked meals can decorate the New Year's table.

Meet the New Year cheerfully, amicably, on the positive. The whole year then will promise you such a good pastime.

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