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Interior design in the Gothic style

Interior design in the Gothic style

In a modern apartment, Gothic - it's stained glass onWindows, furniture of dark wood, a floor of different levels, its parts are separated from each other by wrought iron gratings, a dark stone. But the stone, as a rule, is expensive and you can refuse it. When the style began to spread, people thought that the interior in the Gothic style should match the form - ordinary or false elongated windows, which are taken away by lead grids with mosaics or stained-glass windows, abundance of relief on the facade, pointed roof. The design of apartments in the Gothic style is considered as a challenge to fashion trends, as a bold step in creating interior decoration of housing.

It is problematic enough in a modern roomTo reproduce the Gothic style in its pure form, but elements of this style are used both in the design of country houses and in the interiors of apartments. Screw forged stairs, stained glass windows - all this perfectly harmonizes with the decorative design of artificial stones. For the decoration of the fireplace area, as well as the basement part of the walls used samples that mimic a smooth cobblestone, rough limestone and expressive wild stone. The "castle" effect is achieved by the fact that window openings and door portals are framed with an artificial stone.

If the repair of the apartment involves creatingGothic design in the interior, you will have to work visually with the doorways, they must be high, this is due to the fact that the upper part is narrower, thus creating a lancet shape.

Windows in the Gothic style are designed as curtains made of heavy fabrics or velvet with frills and include the installation of stained glass.

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