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Designing a child's room for a girl

Design room for a girl

When decorating a children's room for a girlYou need to take care of the color scheme. The best color of the nursery is a soft bedding. Remember that while spending time in her room, the baby should rest from the outside world, and the muted tones, reduced to a barely gray and white shades with soft colors, contribute to this magnificently. This color scheme has a very positive effect on children and their subconscious.

When choosing wallpaper in the nursery, stopYour choice for lighter and more one-color options. Selecting one of these shades, you can easily supplement the interior with various accessories, for example, wall clocks, which have a coloring in the form of children's themes, photographs in frames, pictures, mirrors, panels. By the way, the drawings painted by your daughter will certainly find a worthy place and complement the design of the room. For such creativity, you can select a separate part of the wall or corner.

Do not put in the children's room computer orTV. Pay great attention to the location of the bed. By the way, no matter how sarcastic it sounded, but it would be nice if you put a big double bed in the girl's room. According to experts, in their room the boys play most of the time on the floor, but the girls choose a bed for games. Why do not you make this very place for entertainment a big bed (and the more, the better) that your daughter can play, read, or record in her personal diary.

Furniture for children's room

In addition to the bed, the room must beOther items of furniture necessary for babies, namely: book shelves, a closet or chest for storing things, an ottoman and a desk. By the way, a little girl really needs a table, for which she should be engaged or play with dolls in role-playing games (improvised tea-drinking, performances, playing school).

At a girl of preschool age it is very important stillAt an early stage develop a habit of order. Just for this reason, in the room of her daughter must certainly be a certain place, where she is obliged to put her toys after she plays with them. This can be a cabinet, shelf or a special basket for toys. Choosing furniture, it is necessary to be guided by the fact that it should unusually decorate and transform the interior of the room for the child. So the locker for storing toys should be bright colors and have an unusual and sinuous shape. By the way, decorating furniture with decorative stickers will give the interior more originality.

In addition to the table and all other pieces of furniture,In the girl's room there should be a small mirror, which must be hung over the children's cosmetic table. Remember that since early childhood, all the girls are interested in make-up, which helps them become more confident in their adult life.

Children's room decorations for girls

All the color elements with which the children'sThe room will find an extraordinary and festive look, you can easily make yourself. Buy a fabric with a beautiful pattern and with it help to drape the back of the bed, chairs, armchairs, lampshades and even rims of mirrors. From the same fabric, you can sew a blanket on the bed, pillowcases on pillows. You will get a smart and truly girlish interior of the room.

Accessories in the design of a girlish children's room

The final touch is a few matching the color of the decoration of outdoor toys, carpet or chair-bags. The room for your little princess can be considered complete.

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