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Which air humidifier should I choose?

A humidifier is an appliance that, throughThe evaporation of water increases the humidity in the room. But deciding to purchase such an unusual device, the question arises: "What kind of humidifier to choose?". To answer, first we will understand what kind of humidifiers are and what is good in them and what is bad. There are three types of moisturizers:

  • - ultrasonic;
  • - classical, or "cold";
  • - steam or "hot".

Cold humidifiers

These are the most ordinary moisturizers, the principleWhose work is based on the evaporation of water in a natural way. That is, it is a container filled with water, next to which a fan is mounted. Roughly speaking, the water from the reservoir enters the special cassettes. Under the influence of the atmosphere of the room, evaporation of water occurs, the vapors of which are blown off by the fan. In models a bit more expensive in the device is installed a special cassette, which helps to clean the air that gets into the device. In a day, he can "process" up to 8 liters of water, while spending a small amount of electricity.


  1. Energy efficiency.
  2. Easy to operate.
  3. Additionally, air purification takes place.
  4. Does not contain heating elements, which can adversely affect your health.


  1. Expensive service - replacement cassettes are not so cheap, and they need to be changed often enough.
  2. It is a breeding ground for bacteria and microbes. The fact is that in the cassette, which changes every 2 months, all microbes accumulate from the air and create favorable conditions for their reproduction.

Hot humidifiers

The principle of action here, as in the previous type,Only water evaporates by heating the water to a boil. As a result of this boiling, water salts settle on the stacks of the vessel, which requires regular cleaning. But it's worth it - pure water vapor gets into the air. Among other things, there is heating of air in the room from the heating element. Before choosing a hot-type humidifier, pay attention to the presence of a built-in hydrostat, which does not allow excessive waterlogging in the room. Daily water consumption is 6-15 liters. A power - 500 watts.

Advantages are:

  1. Ability to use the device as an inhaler.
  2. Economical in comparison with the "cold type".


  1. There is a possibility of getting burned due to strong heating of the device, and also because of hot steam.
  2. Very high power leads to unnecessary waste.
  3. Danger of mold. The fact is that excessive humidity leads to condensation of steam on walls and ceilings, and this is an excellent place for black mold.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers

In such types of humidifiers instead of heatingThe ultrasonic radiator is installed. It creates high frequency oscillations, thereby bringing water into a vapor state. The built-in hydrostat protects against over-wetting the premises. The water requirement per day is up to 13 liters, but the required power is very low - only 35-60 W.


  1. Absence of a heating element, and consequently, avoiding burns.
  2. The presence of a filter that does not pass germs and bacteria.
  3. Economical.


  1. The need to use distilled water, as there is no settling of salts on the walls of the vessel, and their release into the air, which is very harmful.
  2. Quite loud noise when working.

Which type of instrument to choose is very problematicquestion. But before you pay money at the checkout, analyze all the pitfalls. So, the "hot" humidifier can not be put in children's rooms, but it is an excellent choice for rooms with flowers that need high humidity.

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