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Quiet family holidays

Choosing a plan for a quiet family vacationShould directly depend on the preferences of the whole family. Someone quiet rest in the family circle is a family dinner by the fireplace with viewing old photographs, and for someone a peaceful holiday is a solitude with nature, for example, a family weekend in the forest with a tent. We offer you several scenarios of quiet rest for the whole family, the choice is just for you.

Scenario One: Family Walk

We all heard about the benefits of fresh air. So why not get together with the whole family and go for a walk, let the window even winter. Walking in the street, by the river on the embankment or park, you can get the whole family not only great pleasure, but also get rid of some of the moral fatigue.

Scenario Two: Family Places

If the time has come on the warm season, why not?You do not rest with the whole family, having made a trip to the zoo. Most of all, such a walk will appeal to the children, although adults can get a lot of pleasure from it, since animals can have a beneficial effect on the human psyche. By the way, walking around the city, you can make a stop in a quiet and cozy cafe (such a cafe can be a permanent place for spending time for the family). In this cafe you can drink juice or a snack with the whole family.

Scenario three: rest outside the city

What could be better than spending a peacefulA family vacation away from the city bustle - at the dacha. Fresh air, nature and children's smiles - what could be better? By the way, if you go for a couple of days, take care of bedding, dishes in advance, in the summer - about a special tool against insect bites. Buy meat or fish - marinate them. If you do not have a BBQ at your dacha, why do not you take the folding option with you? Plus, everything will be appropriate if you buy wood or coal for a fire. In addition to meat, you can take fruits, wax, sweet, coffee, tea, water.

While spending time in the fresh airAppetite wakes up noticeably, which is why extra food will never hurt you. Want a quiet and unforgettable atmosphere, then go as a family to the forest for mushrooms or simply stroll around the neighborhood. You can safely collect a family bouquet from a variety of wildflowers or if there is a lake nearby - go fishing. It will be lucky to catch something - cook it at the stake.

And how do you like the whole family to stretch their hammocksAnd spend a quiet rest in the "vertical" position. Believe me, it will be very original and funny. Especially if you settle down in a hammock with your favorite family book and read it for everyone aloud. By the way, you can read the book without even using a hammock, and sitting by the whole family in the evening by the fire.

Scenario Four: Home Idyll

Do not want to leave the house? It is your right. Organize a family vacation and can be at home and a delicious family dinner here is absolutely not the main indicator of a well-spent time in the family circle. It's enough just to rent or download a favorite family film from the Internet and start viewing it with all members of the family, and then, in close surroundings, discuss the main scenes of this film.

Scenario five: enclosing

Remember wherever you go on vacation (beThen the walls of your apartment or your favorite place) the foundation of a quiet and successful holiday should always be a great mood. For a quiet family holiday, it is not necessary to conceal the whole baggage of accumulated grievances and reproaches. Such rest must necessarily carry in itself the opportunity to unite in one harmony with the family and to renounce all problems and adversities, and most importantly to become closer to the native people.

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