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Traveling with a small child

Traveling with a small child

If traveling with a baby can causeInconvenience, then in 3 years and over the child will be just glad to get acquainted with the hot sun, the sea, with other countries, see the world. When going on a trip with children, you need to know a few rules.

First of all for a small childWill need baby food. The question of how to feed a baby on an airplane or on a train should not be a surprise to you. Well, if the food is with you, namely my mother's breast. But there can be no breast-feeding, then ready-made mixtures will be needed and they should be prepared in advance at home. It is more convenient to buy a refrigerator bag that will be filled with ice. It can store food, they will be needed during the move or flight.

It will not always be possible to wash the bottles inTransport. It should be stocked with five clean bottles. You must take with you a jar of cereal, juice, food. Even if the aircraft is not allowed to carry liquid, then this rule does not apply to children. In the absence of water, awkward situations can arise. Be sure to have wet wipes with you, they will be needed. Napkins allow adults to wipe their hands before eating, as well as wipe the baby.

As for food in shops or hotels,It is better to stop the choice on the food that you are taking with you. It is impossible to understand if the baby is allergic to some kind of food. If a baby does not have an allergy and is older, he will eat with you. But do not give him different delicacies. After all, the stomach of an adult can not always cope with delights, and what can we say about children.

Traveling on a train with a baby, it's better to takeCompartment places, especially if the whole road takes more than 24 hours. The baby will feel more comfortable and you will be calmer. Take in the road favorite toys of the child or buy new toys, during a whim they will reassure the baby. If you are eating with the baby in the car, do more stops. Take the baby out of the chair so that it warms up, let the child get out of the car and run a little on the grass. Make a stop not on the road, but let's say, near the field. Do not forget to have portable devices for a small child, namely an armchair in a car, it can be used on rest for carrying a child.

In conclusion, we add that you can travel with a small child, for this use these tips and then your rest will go well for your baby and for you.

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