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Entertainment, picnic games

The first game of the "lightning" type. On a picnic, games from childhood are easy to fit. Even the picnic trip itself can be turned into an adventure, if friends give maps of how to get to the designated place. The use of mobile phones is possible only as a last resort, for example, if a person gets lost. You can hang all the way signs that will tell your friends that they are in the right direction.

Games for picnic

You can also play bouncers. It's a forgotten, but very good game. In this game, two people stand up against each other at the edges of the court and try to hit the ball in the other players that are inside the site.

The next game is "find bottles." This game wears a little different from the sports character games. While barbecues are fried, someone can hide bottles with alcohol, for example, in the river. And when the shish kebab is on the way, everyone will start looking for bottles. The winner is the one who finds the bottles. The winner can come up with a prize.

Another possible game is a Chechord. In this game, several men must stand on the koryachki, while others will jump over them, while they lean on their hands and throw themselves through the seated. It is better to play this fun after alcohol is already consumed.

"Elephants on a picnic." This game becomes very exciting when everyone is already warmed up. The essence of the game is that it is necessary to share on two teams (each should have an even number of people). Then some of the people from the same team sit on the shoulders of other people from their own team. In the hands of the seers take veils or towels. The task of the players is to bring down people from the other team to the ground. You need to play very carefully.

Crocodiles. This is a very famous and interesting game. All are divided into two teams. The first team must guess a word or phrase and tell it to one of the players from the other team (only one player from the team should hear this phrase). After that, he must show the word or phrase to his team so that they can guess the word they have said.

A game of badminton. Very often picnics take badminton racquets with them, but in the end, very rarely someone plays: sometimes the wind gets in the way, it happens that the shuttle flies into the bushes so that it is impossible to get it. In this case, for example, you can beat a lump or other object. Sometimes it turns out to be very fun.

Playing in the association. This is not an active game, but a calm one. One person leaves "to walk", and all the remaining guesses one of those present at a picnic. When the walker returns, he starts asking questions about the association to the group. In this way, he tries to guess the person who was asked. Questions can be very diverse: with what color does a person associate, with which house or wild animal, with what geometric figure, etc. Analyzing the answers received, it is necessary to guess who was being asked. It's very funny when you think of a person who guesses. Sometimes he guesses himself for half an hour or more. Similar games on a picnic can not only brighten up leisure, but also allow you to learn about others and imagine a lot of interesting things.

Football without rules. This is a very fun and entertaining game, when everyone is running around the field and trying to kick the ball.

The game "who will dress faster." When they play after a fairly drunk alcohol, the game takes on a special meaning. The essence of this game is that two people try to dress to the touch. Various things are put in the package: swimsuits, hats, pants, jackets, etc. Then the two are blindfolded and they begin to get one thing from the package and determine what they got, then they put things on themselves. The one who guessed most of the things wins.

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