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Registration of the child's room on the day of birth

Making a room according to the child's age

To decorate a child's room on his birthday,It is necessary considering its age. On the first birthday of the baby, the room can be decorated with a "locomotive" made of colored paper, and photographs of the baby are attached to each of its carriages from birth to a year. You can also draw a huge paper from the paper with apples and paste it on the wall, attach a photo to each apple. As a result, you can see from the photographs how the baby grows and changes.

In the design of the older student's roomInclude his old school essays, for example, "I and my family", "How I spent the summer." Use the most successful handmade articles and drawings of the child, they will help add decor and brightness to the design. By the way, it will be very interesting to the invited relatives and friends to look at the creativity of your child.

Making room for a boy / girl

The birthday of the girl can be originalDecorate the entrance to the room. For example, make a beautiful arch of flowers, balloons or streamers. On the window hang thin air translucent curtains, and to them attach beautiful colored butterflies. Create a paradise flower garden from the bedroom of the daughter, turning the interior into a fairy tale.

Making out the boy's room is bestGuided by his hobbies. For example, if he likes football, hang the emblem of his favorite football team over his bed, sew special covers on the furniture on which there will be an ornament of a soccer ball. Son like such and such a cartoon - simulate in the room the plot of this cartoon with the help of toy characters, posters, etc.

The option of decorating the room for the birthday of the child

To do this, you need to get children's photos from the family archive, paper, paints, balls, scraps for a collage of children's magazines.

We decorate the children's room with balls, inflating themGel that will not let them go down. We collect these balls in a bunch and hang around the room, balls that are inflated with ordinary air, scattered on the floor - the kids will happily play with them.

A great option if you make a specialA wall newspaper, which from crust to crust will be dedicated to the birthday. To do this, we take a sheet of paper and glue children's photos on it, make a collage of images of your favorite movie heroes, cartoon characters, singers, athletes, actors, etc. This wall newspaper can fit photos from past birthdays of the child, believe me, this will certainly cause your child to have pleasant memories. You can also write your own cheerful congratulations. This can all be done with the help of bright watercolors or gouache. By the way, over the poster itself, the garland of the letters "Happy Birthday!" Will look very original.

If you do not have time or do not have enough imagination forCreating a wall newspaper yourself, you can buy a ready-made poster in the store. To date, in specialized stores you will find a huge selection of special greeting posters for children, which show colorful pictures and interesting inscriptions.

Another option - to do yourself or buyPiñate - a figure of papier-mâché, which has a cavity inside. This cavity you can fill with your child's favorite sweets and put near his bed. Do not forget to arrange the child's favorite toys throughout the children's room. By the way, to each of these toys you can attach some sweetness or a souvenir. The final touch - themed cards and serpentine - your task is completed. Remember that in this business your fantasy and creativity is the main thing, and the reward for your endeavors is the happy eyes of the child!

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