/ / Interior of a children's room for two children

Interior of a children's room for two children

Interior of a children's room for two children

To create the effect of freedom and space you needUse only light colors, they should be calm and bright and always light. The children's room should be well lit. Considering the interior of the children's room, you need to consider that things for two children will be many. It is worth thinking about baskets, drawers, bedside tables, shelves and so on. Or the children's room will simply turn into chaos. Try not to litter the room with numerous furniture, because for the movement of children should have their own space. For the normal development of the child, he needs a residential area.

The floor in the children's room is covered with linoleum withHeater. It is better to cover the floor with a carpet to make it easy to wash. Do not need to glue the walls with expensive wallpaper, they can be covered with posters and photographs and turn into children's doodles. Wallpaper should be calm tones. Lighting the children's room is necessary with the help of lamps with a calm and even distribution of light. Each bed, work and play area should be well lit. It is interesting to use transformable lights.

Individual zoning of the children's room

This option will allow children to feel theirIndividuality and significance. Each of the two children must have a bed, a desk and a wardrobe. When equipping their personal areas, the beds are installed along adjacent or parallel walls. If they are located along one wall, then separate by a partition - cabinet, chest of drawers, shelving. You can arrange a bed side by side, for this use the bed-transformers or bunk beds.

You can combine the workplace and purchase oneA large table with shelves or two curbstones. A good solution will be two tables, which will be located visually or at an angle or parallel. This will give an opportunity to change the interior, to do permutations, because children love change, they are so unstable. The places for storing clothes and things should be personal. If children have a common wardrobe, they need their own shelves, chests of drawers, bedside tables.

Furniture-transformer in the children's room

When parents equip a children's room for two, there is no need to neglect transforming furniture:

  • This furniture allows you to save space in the room thanks to folding table tops, folding chairs, roll-out beds;
  • It is possible to solve such a problem as the age inequality - the table-top for the schoolboy, and the table that rolls out from under it for the preschooler;
  • In one piece of furniture combine two beds - a bed with a 2nd roll-out bed;
  • Will give children pleasure.

Convenient furniture blocks. These furniture systems from cabinets, beds and shelves, they maximally save space in the room. For a competent interior, you need to meet age requirements. Young children need a lot of space for toys, schoolchildren need their own work area and together they need a recreation area. When organizing the space of the children's room, one should not forget about the children's hobbies - drawing, music, handicrafts, sports. And to make everything right, there will be good advisers to children, they will prompt you what color to choose and how to arrange furniture.

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