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Lose weight while sitting in front of the TV

To understand a person with a superfluous weight, who neverattended gyms, it's easy. After all, to achieve the desired result is not enough 10-15 minutes a day, in addition to taking part in the fitness center require significant financial resources, especially in the case if you work on an individual program and with a personal trainer. Many people are stopped by the fact that in the gym, other visitors can see the figure far from the ideal and torture on the treadmill, ellipse and other simulators.

Fear of all of the above is soit is great that people prefer to stay at home, settle on a cozy sofa, before buying chips, sandwiches and other goodies. The question is, how to lose weight, if there is no time, and desire to attend the gym? In the article, we will talk about some methods of weight loss when watching TV.

Do not think that your weight loss will begin,Alas, a wave of a magic wand, alas, you will need some effort. First of all, you need to understand that nothing happens by itself and you need to do step-by-step weight loss.

Helpful hints and tips

Desire and a drop of diligence will help to forget about excess weight, even in that case, if you spend every evening in front of the TV.

  1. Refuse from harmful snacks duringwatching your favorite TV series. Forget cookies, sandwiches, sweets and chips. All these products contain a lot of calories, eaten at night, they will necessarily turn into fat deposits. If you can not overcome the desire to chew something, then as a snack choose fruit and vegetables. In general, it is better to give up the habit of eating in front of the screen, because eating you will eat several times more than the body needs for normal functioning.
  2. Try to make different body movementsWhile watching movies or TV shows. You can swing your legs, twist the hoop, rotate your head or do circular movements with your hands. Scientists have proved that by doing various body movements, but while sitting on the spot, you can lose about 350 calories.
  3. If you are not the first time attended to the declineweight, then for sure you have at home some kind of simulator, such as a bicycle or a treadmill. Do not let them act like a hanger. Without much difficulty, you can twist the pedals and enjoy the movie, but with this your body will fight with extra pounds.
  4. Do not make yourself an excuse that your apartment does not contain sports equipment. Even in the smallest dwelling can fit dumbbells, skipping rope or hoop.

During a commercial break that teases ussweets, chocolate, crackers and beer, many of us run to the kitchen to add something, get from the fridge delicacies and again flop on the sofa. We offer to choose a healthy alternative that can lead to losing weight.

Here are a few simple exercises, the implementation of which during advertising, will help you lose weight.

  • Jump on the rope for 2 minutes. In total it is necessary to make 4 approaches, this will allow you to get rid of 111 calories.
  • Before you sit down on your favorite couch orChair, lock for a few seconds your body. Buttocks should be 10 cm from the desired surface of the sofa. Spend a minute in this position, then allow me to sit still. Repeat this exercise in 4 sets to lose 80 calories.
  • Lying on the floor, raise your legs, making a 90 degree angle, leave them in such a position for 5 minutes, say goodbye to 50 calories.
  • Carry out your hands in a circular motion for one minute. Make 2 an appointment and you will lose 20 calories.
  • While watching the series or talk show is not worth itall the time sit on the sofa, make small walks around the apartment or walk around the place. Exercise repeat 3 times. This exercise will deprive you of 150 calories.
  • Pay attention to squats. Only 5 minutes of sit-ups will save you from 100 calories. During squats, not only are fat deposits burned, but the muscles of the buttocks and thighs are also strengthened.

As you can see the advice is quite simple, but veryeffective. To achieve the result of your dreams you need to overcome laziness and increase the initial load day by day. If the exercises become a habit, then very soon from friends and colleagues you will listen to compliments on your appearance and the assumption of a miracle cure that you take out.

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