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Mirrors in the interior of our apartment

Mirrors in the interior

Of course, the mirror is not a decor, likeFor example, furniture, chandelier or curtains. If it is correctly positioned and surrounded, the mirror will play, will shine and will play the role of the main element in the interior design.

Location and design of mirrors

With the help of mirrors you can visually increaseThe space of a small room or expand a narrow corridor. But if you hang a mirror in the middle of a large wall, it will look lonely. Arrange along the corridor a few mirrors, add them to the frame frames, and top add lights. The picture gallery will be obtained, and in each mirror frame the portrait of the hostess will be reflected. If to reflect, the mirror is our portrait in real time.


By placing the lamp to illuminate the mirror, you canIt is placed on the very plane of the mirror. In such a situation, the lamp must be with a lampshade or a beautiful wall should have a large plafond. When reflected in a mirror, the lighting will double and it will give pleasant additional glare.

If the interior has a rounded wall, but thatThe joint with it and with a straight wall can be arranged mirror surface, you get the feeling of a round room. If you are keen on indoor plants and the corner of the apartment is dedicated to flowers, then at the junction of the two walls you need to arrange a mirror, then you get the feeling of a large garden in the apartment.

Mirror "zest"

If the interior has a decorative plaster orWallpaper and a smooth painted wall, then at the joints of these walls you can use a mirror tile no more than 20x20 cm, so you can select the right section of the wall, this will add extra sophistication. Such an invoice contains a small drawing, mirrors can be lost on it, but if the mirrors catch light from the lamp in the evening or a sunbeam, the whole wall will play beautiful glare.

Mirror as an art object

Changing the shape, the frame of the mirror, you can createInteresting options for interior design apartments. Many magazines give practical advice on how to give a mirror a shade of how to age a mirror. It is rather difficult to mirror the mirror yourself, but without any problems it can be done in the workshop. Most workshops, along with sharp mirrors, offer matting mirrors. You can choose a pattern and make a stencil out of it on a special adhesive film. These services provide many copying and printing centers. According to your sketch and stencil, it will be seen how the stencil on the mirror will be placed, you can easily and easily obtain the author's mirror product, which in your interior will take its rightful place.

Matting patterns are different, they canBe a decorative nuance on the corner, which does not hurt to look in the mirror and cover the entire plane of the mirror. At the same time, the basic reflectivity is lost, but the subtle pattern that it reflects will give the whole panel a unique charm. If you mirror half the entire surface of the mirror, then the picture on it turns out to be "alive" and transparent due to reflections, which in any interior looks great.

This is not all that can be said about the mirror. It is one of the cheapest and simplest options, which allows you to create in the apartments a lot of exclusive, unique designs.
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