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How to choose a fan heater

These devices are simple in device and operation,And the prices for them are quite democratic. Most fan heaters are a plastic housing in which there is a heating element (usually an incandescent spiral) and a fan. The latter is designed to run through the heater air, taking it from the room cold, and giving away heated. Thanks to this, such devices can quickly warm up the room to a comfortable temperature.

The power of the fan heaters varies within the limits of1-2 kW depending on the model. But the sale is dominated by two-kilowatt models, because the power of their heating can be changed by means of a built-in thermostat. As a heating element, not only the filament of incandescence, but also the ceramic heater can be used. Thanks to a special design, it does not require a strong heating, and therefore, to a lesser extent, the air is dried and oxygen is burned. Built in the heater fan, of course, makes noises. But manufacturers try to use "quiet" fans in their devices.

It is easy for the fan heater to find a free space evenIn a small room. In addition, most models can be operated not only on the floor, but also on the table and even on the bookshelf. If necessary, the device can be quickly transferred from one room to another. Even if the room is large and it is not possible to heat it, you can put the fan heater closer to yourself and bask in your health.

Almost all devices have a handle forCarrying, and the decorative grille will protect you from touching the fan and heater. But to "communicate" with the heater was safer, manufacturers can equip it not only with a thermostat, but also protection from overheating and even from overturning. Therefore, "in which case" the device will immediately turn off. So the likelihood that it will become a source of fire is very small.

The minimum set of functions of the simplestFan heater is the following: one operating mode (for heating) and protection against overheating. But on sale the bulk of forced heaters have a three-position mode switch. The first mode - maximum heating, the second - half and third - the blowing mode (without heating). Depending on how cold it is in the room, you can use one or another heating mode, and if the summer is outside and the room is hot, you can use the heater as a normal fan.

Usually in the fan heaters is usedElectromechanical control. But there are "advanced" models, which are switched on not by the rotary switch, but by means of the keypad. With its help, you select the mode of operation. The presence of the display makes it easy to read information about the set heating temperature, the current operating mode, etc. Thanks to the electronic control system, the built-in thermostat works much more accurately than the electromechanical. In addition, he can ensure that the building (for example, unheated country cottage) does not freeze. As soon as the temperature of the air inside the house drops to + 5 ° C, the unit switches to heating mode. As a rule, fan heaters with electronic control are equipped with an on / off timer and a remote control.

Some devices allow evenDistribute warm air around the room due to the fact that they are equipped with a swivel body, which is located on the stand. During operation, it rotates through an angle of 120-160 °. This function is disabled, so it can be used at your own discretion. On sale you can also meet a fan heater with a vertical deflection relative to the stand, however, at a very small angle.

Where else can fan heaters be used? Due to the high speed of moving heated air, these devices will find their use in an unheated cottage, in a cold garage or in a damp barn. It is important here that the compact heater always has a place in the trunk of the car. Well, in the conditions of construction or repair of the building, there is simply nothing to replace the fan heater. But here the main thing to take into account one thing: the built-in fan creates a powerful airflow, so before switching on the device, you must remove dust from the room, so that it does not appear, for example, on the painted surface of the wall.

When operating the fan heater,that he intensively dries the air in the room, because of which the humidity decreases. To restore it, use a humidifier together with the heater. Despite the fact that the fan heater is unpretentious at work, try not to place it close to furniture, clothes and curtains. And in any case, do not cover the working instrument! If the heater has a strainer, do not forget to clean it.

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