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Interior design of dining room

Interior of dining room, rules of arrangement of dining room

Before taking up the design of the dining room, you needDecide what is more important, create a cozy atmosphere for domestic feasts or get rid of extra pounds. From this depends the color scale of the interior and the choice of furniture. Blue color reduces the feeling of hunger. The owners of fast food like red color, this color strengthens the appetite. Rigid stools and chairs shorten the meal time. Soft seats relax and encourage people to spend more time at the table.

Recalculate eaters, before choosing a table

People like round tables for democracy andConvenience - no one is sitting on the corner, there is no dispute over who will sit at the head of the table. It is suitable for a small family. If the table will sit for 6 to 8 people, then for such a company it will be preferable to have a rectangular table, but it is better to put an oval table.

Large patterns

If you do not want your guests to sit,Staring at the plates, you need to take care that the interior of the dining room had something to catch on to the look. A good option would be textiles or wallpaper with a large pattern. In the dining room they will not tire of eyes, as in the living room or bedroom. By tradition, a dining table is placed in the center of the room, but if the room is narrow, then push the furniture group to the wall, and use a bench or sofa as a seat.

Closer to nature

Food in the bosom of nature relieves stress and raises the mood. Try, if possible, to place a dining room overlooking the balcony or garden. The windows to the floor will erase the boundary between the house and the street.

Do not overdo it with textiles

Making out the dining room, bypass the minimum of productsOf fabric, since the upholstery of furniture, curtains, carpets absorb kitchen odors. And if the room without a cloth seems uncomfortable, it is better to prefer such products, which are well washed in the washing machine.


For the dining room is not very suitable parquet, becauseYou are guaranteed the scratches from the fallen forks, marble, and the stains from the Coke on the floor will remain forever. The most practical is fashionable concrete or ceramic tiles.

Experiment with light

In the dining room there should be several light sources. By adjusting the brightness of the light, you can create a suitable atmosphere for a romantic dinner or a dinner party.

Optimize your route

Number of movements from the dining room to the kitchen andback it is desirable to minimize. Dishes for special occasions should be stored in the dining room. It will be easier to lay on the table before a formal dinner. A serving table or console will help, there you can put dishes for which the turn has not yet come. It will not be necessary to get out of the way and rush for dessert to the kitchen.

Play with reflection

Not all people like to see in the mirror their chewingreflection. But this is not an excuse to give up mirrors in the dining room. Reflected in the mirror flowers, candles, dishes enhance the feeling of product prosperity and abundance many times over.

Do not be afraid of multifunctionality

If the dining room is idle most of the timetime, then the spirit of non-residential premises appears in it. Therefore, it is better to provide an additional function, for example, to combine the dining room with a study or with a library.

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