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A single-compressor and two-compressor refrigerator - what's the difference?

Single-compressor unit

This representative of household appliances provides for a single cooling circuit, the temperature setting is set simultaneously for both the cooling chamber and the freezer.

The single-compressor unit usually does not allowdisconnect the cameras separately. If it is necessary to clean or leave for a long time, the unit must be switched off completely. This is economically viable, but it is often inconvenient, since the freezer can store some food - stocks.

However, there are rules for this and that there areexceptions. In some refrigeration appliances with one compressor, there is a solenoid valve that regulates the circulation of the refrigerant. Its function is that it allows the refrigerant to be blocked in the evaporator of the refrigerating compartment, which results in the termination of its cooling. At the same time, the work of the freezer continues. It is important to know, regardless of the version of the single-compressor refrigerator, in any unit of this type the freezer can not be turned off from the refrigerator.

Two-compressor (or more) unit

Increasing year by year, largeThe popularity of two-compressor refrigeration units is due to many reasons. Most (however not all that is important!) Two-compressor refrigeration units allow you to separately install and adjust the temperature modes, and also to disconnect each camera separately. Thanks to the presence of such a feature, you can wipe the camera at different times, when necessary. If the owners do not use the refrigerator for a long period of time, the non-operating camera can be disconnected from the power supply, which will save energy.

Separate temperature setting is a function that allows setting the optimal parameters for freezing or cooling.

In addition, two-compressor units are almost alwaysequipped with the function of super-freezing. Its activation results in a short-term temperature drop in the freezer. In models of some brands, the temperature, of course minus, even reaches - 40 degrees.! The convenience of fast deep freezing consists in preserving the products of its useful elements and most vitamins, as well as in not destroying the structure of the fibers, which allows the product to be fresh after defrosting.

Along with the deep freezing of two- orthree-compressor refrigerators that have separate temperature control can be equipped with cooling system super cooling, fresh-air temperature settings, "Party", which allow you to cool drinks in the freezer for a short time.

Units compressors are not as noisy assingle-compressor. The reason for this lies in the power of the compressors used and the mode of operation. The use of two-compressor units involves the alternate activation of compressors and, as a result, the production of less noise.

If the refrigerating two-compressor unitit is properly operated (which is largely determined by the place where the device is located, the choice of its climatic class, the location of the products, the frequency and duration of opening the doors), it is much more energy efficient and economical than single-compressor analogues.

In case you need to cool one of thethere will be only one compressor unit. The compressor will need to cool a smaller volume, therefore, the work is more efficient. This can not be in the unit with one motor: in order to achieve a given temperature regime in one of the chambers, the compressor will have to cool them two at the same time.

Of course, choosing the unit for economy, you needto know that the number of compressors in this plan is not a priority criterion to be taken into account, from this point of view the energy efficiency class is more important. Now the market has aggregates, the class of which even surpasses A +++!

"Pitfalls", or actual and possible disadvantages.

It is known, there is nothing ideal ... A picture of excellentpossibilities and functional qualities of two-compressor refrigeration units spoils the high cost of such equipment. Such refrigerators will cost 20-30% more than analogues with one compressor, so how much aggregates with two compressors will be economical, it is recommended to count well before purchase.

During the discussion of refrigerated household units withconstant regularity slips the opinion that with compressors of two-compressor models there are more frequent breakdowns, and in general, this technique is more whimsical, since it contains more details and a more complex design. True, a more complex unit has a greater risk of potential breakdowns. However, the products need to be stored somewhere - not in a string bag outside the window or in the cellar. And the technical side of the issue is subject to minimal risks!

Strict competition forces producersrefrigerating plants to strictly control the quality of manufactured products. "Wandering around the Internet" negative consumer feedback can put an end to the reputation, and therefore, reduce sales. In a word, the quality of technical products is a top priority issue.

Now, having familiarized with featuresone-compressor and two-compressor refrigerators, you correctly orient in the expected functional capabilities of the equipment you like and, of course, do not lead to the tricks of unscrupulous sellers attributed to one or other unit characteristics, impossible due to the peculiarities of its design.

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