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How to choose an oil heater

The arrangement of oil coolers does not change alreadymany years. They consist of a sealed metal container resembling a sectional heating battery. It pours a coolant - a special mineral oil. Built-in the bottom of the tank heater (tubular electric heater) heats the oil, which is selected in such a way that allows you to give a long heat after turning off the device.

The surface of the oil heater does not heat upVery strongly - up to 70-80 ° С. Due to this in the room there is no strong dehumidification of air and almost no oxygen is consumed. The number of sections in the instruments can be different, hence the different power - from 0,9 to 2,8 kW. Obviously, the larger the capacity of the oil, the heavier the heater.

Modern oil heaters have "onBoard »thermostat (thermostat), protection against overheating, the indicator of inclusion, the switch of capacity (key or with smooth adjustment). The last feature is remarkable in that you can use a powerful heater even in a small room, choosing the minimum heating mode. But in a large room you can use it "in full". So it is not difficult to configure the device in the optimal mode.

For support of user-defined temperatureThe built-in thermostat responds. He independently turns on and off the heater when necessary, so that human intervention is not required. True, here it should be clarified: the temperature sensor in most heaters "controls" the temperature of the oil, rather than the air in the room, so that "weather in the house" has to be led "by eye". But there are exceptions. Some manufacturers offer "advanced" models in which a remote room temperature sensor is installed.

But "advancement" is not limited to this. On sale it is possible to meet oil heaters with the built in timer of inclusion and deenergizing. With its help, you can program the device "for a warm welcome" upon return from work or to reduce power during a night's sleep. In order not to feel discomfort from the over-dried air, you can buy an oil heater with a built-in humidifier. It has a special removable container, where water is poured.

A characteristic feature of all oil appliancesIs the slow heating of the coolant. Typically, the oil warms up for 20-30 minutes, but this does not mean that in half an hour the room will become warm, because you still need some time to transfer heat from the surface of the heater throughout the room. With this problem, different firms cope in different ways. Some install a fan heater in the heater, which gives out heat immediately after pressing the "Start" button, while others mount a special casing on the fins of the radiator, which creates an increased traction. Thanks to the casing, the circulation of warm and cold air in the room is almost two times accelerated. This option is less efficient fan heater, but it works noiselessly.

Large dimensions and weight create inconvenience instorage and operation of the oil heater. To begin with, it is desirable to store the device in an upright position. If he was lying on his side all summer, do not turn it on immediately, as soon as you put it on its feet. This is necessary in order to glass oil from the walls and "wrapped" TEN. It will take about an hour. As for the operation, for such a heater it is necessary to allocate a special place so that it does not interfere with anyone and at the same time can safely carry out its function - to heat the air in the room.

Remember: The efficient operation of the oil heater is only possible if it has been provided with free air exchange. Therefore, it is not necessary to block it with furniture and to dry clothes on the body. If the "dislocation" of the device is constantly changing, then pay attention to models with wheels, and not with legs.

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