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A small blender is a great friend

So it turns out that food processors, calledSave time and energy, are effective only when it comes to preparing for a larger feast. But we often cook in small quantities and quickly. So, it's time to think about buying a blender.

This little helper is surprisingly easyFits into the interior of any kitchen. He is always at hand. Quickly grind food in small quantities. A baby blender can fulfill your wishes in less than a minute. A snack salad, a cocktail, any other dish made from finely chopped foods - anything you like, and your fingers do not face contact with sharp knives.

Blender - for people active, business, valueIts time. So, the arguments in favor of the younger brother of a food processor are quite weighty. It is decided - we buy. Now it only remains to decide which one. It already depends on your taste preferences and habits. Do you need to cut meat, onions, cheese? Would you like to cook breadcrumbs yourself? Then buy a submersible blender. This is what you need.

And if you adore cocktails, you often have to whip the squirrels, take a look at the stationary blender. Each of these types of blenders have their own tasks, pluses and minuses.

The submersible blender is a kind ofPlastic or metal foot, which plunges into a deep container and grinds for you the vegetables, fruits there, turns small quantities of meat into minced meat, makes breadcrumbs. In a record short time, a submersible blender can cook baby mashed potatoes and porridge, which is especially important if your baby is growing up in your family.

Some inconvenience is caused by the fact that the submersibleBlender during his work has to be kept in his hands. But it's not long, so it's not so scary. When choosing a blender, decide at once, which material is preferable for you. A blender with a plastic foot will pleasantly surprise you with a low price compared to that blender whose foot is made of metal. But remember: in hot products, it is undesirable to lower the plastic. For this iron is more suitable.

And what you need to know about the stationary buyerBlender? Most often it is used for making cocktails. He is successfully pounding ice, whipping the squirrels. It does not have to be kept in hands during work. In the capacity of a stationary blender we place the required attributes, with a finger click on the button and the clever blender does everything by itself ... It is also much more attractive at the price than a submerged blender.

Most models of this type have one moreRemarkable property: self-cleaning function. Simple, like all ingenious. Just pour water into the blender (not hot) and turn it on. We wait for some time, while he himself will wash himself. When buying a stationary blender, we also pay attention to the material from which it is made.

If the bowl of the blender is glass, you can beThey are sure that it will not absorb smells, and it will not darken with time. But if you break it, you can not find a replacement for it. Plastic bowl is not as fragile as glass, and it costs less. But remember: hot foods should not be placed in it. Plastic, as you know, can darken with time, and it absorbs odors. But if you want, you can find models in which bowls are made of special plastic, eliminating these undesirable effects.

As for the volume - decide which is moreSuitable for your family. Stationary blenders can be with a volume of thickets from 400 ml to 2 liters. Since the blender bowl can not be completely filled, remember that in fact the useful volume will be less than the specified one.

The power range of blenders is also different. Of course, the higher the power, the more successful it performs its tasks. Are you talking about anything like Philips, Moulinex, Tefal, Bosch, Kenwood? These are manufacturers of stationary blenders. And among the manufacturers of submersible blenders the most famous brands are Siemens, Philips, Bosch, Braun.

A number of manufacturers have their own "highlights"Making the work with the blender pleasant and exciting: smoothly adjustable speeds, measuring cups, nozzles, ice crushers, vacuum tanks, etc. It is important not to get lost in this abundance of options and choose the one that will save you from monotonous work in the kitchen and will become your reliable assistant.
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