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Room for a newborn

The floor in the children's room should be warm, thatProtect the child from colds, and easily amenable to both dry and wet cleanings. Considering the floor coverings, you should emphasize your choice on wood materials such as parquet and parquet board, which are practical and environmentally friendly, but the best option is the cork floor, it has excellent thermal insulation and noise insulation properties, very convenient for cleaning, hypoallergenic and withstand any loads .

Do not cover the floor with linoleum. He has a very significant drawback: the child will be extremely uncomfortable to crawl over it, and to take the first steps on a slippery surface is not the best option. Carpets and carpets should also be excluded, they are poorly cleaned, but dust is very good, from which the child can develop an allergy.

The window in the nursery should pass sunnyRays, but also to protect well from drafts and frost, dust and noise. Therefore, old wooden windows should be replaced. All this can provide plastic windows. PVC profile is absolutely safe for both adults and children. This is confirmed by both Russian and European hygienic certificates. Plastic windows are installed in maternity hospitals, schools, kindergartens, hospitals and dwellings.

The temperature level in the children's room should beNot lower than 23-24 degrees Celsius. In maternity hospitals, for example, the temperature is maintained at 27 degrees Celsius. In the heating season, in order to protect the health of the child, radiators should be equipped with automatic thermostats. The child's room should also be ventilated a day 3-4 times, of course, when there is no baby in the room.

When installing the air conditioner in the room, it is necessary to correctly position the indoor unit. Air flow should not fall on the baby's crib and place for games.

In the nursery it is necessary to maintain the humidity at 50-70% to avoid problems such as coughing, drying out of the mucous membranes, runny nose.

Ecological, practical and safe -The most important words that must be taken into account when arranging the children's room. Persian carpets and author's paintings, silkscreen and antique parquet are not needed in the future nursery, because all this will sooner or later be hopelessly spoiled.

Wallpaper should be chosen breathable, natural, non-woven base or paper. Although washable vinyl wallpaper and more convenient to use, but they do not belong to hypoallergenic materials.

No less important when choosing wallpaper and color. It is recommended to use pleasant and light, bed colors. Too bright tones are irritating. Green colors, according to psychologists, evoke interest in the world around them. Amusing and large pictures on the walls, as well as wallpapers, accelerate the child's mental development.

Particular attention should be paid to the coverage of children'sRoom. First and foremost, safety is important - sockets and switches must be equipped with "child protection", all wires must be hidden. When selecting a chandelier, attention should be paid to small ornaments, glass pendants, which should not be. It is advisable to equip the room with additional light sources. At the bed it is necessary to place a night light. It will be ideal if all light sources have dimmers to adjust the luminous flux.

In addition to the cot with adjustable heights of the sides and the bottom, you will need a changing table, a wardrobe for toys, a chest of drawers for children's things, a chair for feeding, a riding-school.

First of all, the requirements for children's furnitureAre aimed at safety. Ideally, all furniture should be made of natural wood, without varnishing or painting. More affordable option will be furniture from MDF and chipboard, which are easy to clean and strong enough, but when buying such furniture, you should ask for a certificate of quality - furniture from a low-quality particle board can emit formaldehyde. It should be remembered that furniture should not have sharp edges and corners, as well as unscrewing parts.

Summing up, the most important thing for a newborn -This is safety. Hypoallergenic finishing and building materials, comfortable furniture, comfortable microclimate - and a small child will grow up happy and healthy, learning all new and unknown.

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