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Wallpaper for children's bedroom

What kind of wallpaper can I choose for a children's bedroom?

To date, the choice of wallpaper for childrenIs sufficiently large. In special stores, wallpapers are presented in various shades and colors, textures and drawings. The most important thing when choosing wallpaper, parents should not get confused, take into account all the criteria.

Wallpaper for children is recommended to choose those,Which are made of materials and are considered environmentally friendly. The best option is paper wallpaper. Children are very fond of gluing various posters on the wallpaper, drawing. Paper wallpaper for such purposes is most suitable. In addition, these wallpapers are not too expensive, are able to "breathe" and do not contain synthetic additives. Not the best option for a children's bedroom are considered vinyl wallpaper. Children are very mobile, and with various friction these wallpaper are easily damaged.

In addition to paper wallpaper for a children's bedroom, you canChoose a liquid wallpaper. With such wall paper, children's creativity is not scary, because these wallpapers can easily be repainted in any other color. But such wallpaper can "hit the wallet." But, despite the high price, these wallpapers are quite popular.

More practical and high-quality wallpaper for the nursery are washable wallpaper. They are more dense and small pollution from them can be removed.

What should I consider when choosing wallpaper for a children's bedroom?

Of course, color and pattern for wallpaper are very importantIn the children's bedroom. For such wallpapers the best color solution will be a soft, light color and calm. According to psychologists, bright and rich colors can irritate children. Perfectly suitable for children's drawings on "sky", "football", "nature", "fairy tale", etc. It depends on what the child likes best. Figures are recommended to choose a soft, preferably bed tone.

The interior of the children's bedroom itself should be pushedChild to games and mental development, while not touching the child's temperament and not injuring his psyche. The child's bedroom should be his "nest", in which he will be comfortable and cozy. After all, in the children's bedroom there must be an atmosphere directed not only at the games, but also at leisure.

If the child is still young,Choosing wallpaper for the child's take into account his temperament. Psychologists recommend for more temperamental kids to choose cooler wallpaper tones, but in no way dark shades. For phlegmatic and slow children it is better to choose a warm and gentle color wallpaper. The children's bedroom with wallpaper of rich color and bright pattern is suitable for passive and lazy kids.

If the child already has an opinion, thenSurely parents should listen to his opinion when choosing wallpaper. If you do not, then the situation in the children's bedroom can be depressing for the child's psyche. In such a room, the child will be uneasy.

It is believed that apricot and peach colorThe wallpaper makes the children's environment safe and warm. Wallpapers of yellow shades contribute to the awakening of craving for the child to study and study. Gentle tone of the wallpaper creates a sunny, favorable atmosphere of warmth in the room.

When selecting a picture, you need to remember thatA frequent picture on the wallpaper can quickly get bored, and quickly tires. If the wallpaper depicts one story or a single picture, thanks to the interior, the picture can be beaten. For example, the fish on the wallpaper will perfectly match the blue rug near the bed, which performs the "role" of the pond.

A bedroom of a mischievous boy or a princess girl- this is a special little world where the child rests, plays, does. The children's bedroom is a very important part of childhood. That is why when choosing wallpaper for this room you need to take into account a lot of nuances. In the children's room, the wallpaper is set to the main character and tone to the interior.

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