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Competently combine the bedroom and study

In case the cabinet is the main one,An additional element in this situation - the bed - it is logical to exclude from the daily interior. In the morning, the bed can be "leaned back" into a special closet or pushed under the podium, on which there is a desktop, an armchair, office equipment or even a small rack. According to the same logic, the bed can be sent into exile to the top floor of a two-tier sleeping-working complex, on the first level of which there is a table and shelves. Of course, the realization of such a project is possible only at a sufficient height of the ceiling, but it allows you to get rid of all sorts of sentiments that make you sleepy.

On the contrary, if dominant for us isDream, then the task of design is to hide all mention of the fact that the room is also designed for work. Here there is where to turn around the fans of ruches, shells and plump pads. The domination of the fabric as a decorative motif can be safely brought to the point of absurdity, tightening and hanging it all that with its solid texture comes into conflict with the main function of the room - to provide a cosiness in which nothing reminiscent of work.

In the favor will be a variety of covers on chairs,Armchairs, a head of a bed and even racks. The window experiences the whole complex of inventions in the field of its hanging, including lambrequins, festoons, vignettes, boas and much more. The canopy of the bed (in this case it will be quite superfluous) should be fixed not on the barbells of the bed, but on the cornices attached to the ceiling or the wall, as this will provide fewer sharp corners and even more to smooth the space, giving it an atmosphere of coziness.

If in addition to the multi-functionality roomStill does not have large dimensions, the space can be saved on the cabinet by placing a storage compartment in the drawer of the podium on which you can put the bed. In this realm of sleep, the work can only be reminiscent of a wide dressing table, from which a mirror, cosmetics and pouches with lavender are removed in the daytime, and books, papers and a laptop are laid out.

Where it is harder to place design priorities,When the functions claiming for the bedroom space for us are equivalent. The only correct solution in this situation is the division of spheres of influence. For example, when in a bedroom it is necessary to place a full-fledged cabinet, then in the room it is necessary to allocate separate zones that do not interfere with each other. One of the best ideas is the partition dividing the room in two, which from the side of the cabinet is a shelf for books and papers, and on the side of the bedroom is the headboard or the same shelf, but already packed with all sorts of cute trinkets. In this case, the septum should not be too high and wide, so that on both sides of it there is no feeling of claustrophobia, and vice versa, so that the interacting fluids of work and rest do not penetrate through it.

Of course, this option will not be cheap, becauseStandard furniture may not be suitable for such purposes and the entire design will have to be made to order, but your bedroom cabinet will look unique and not beaten. Of course, there is a variant of the "cheap and angry" series - a flexible folding screen that fences the bed can be a good alternative, especially since it allows you to quickly make a rearrangement. However, the feeling of security and privacy behind the screen, to put it mildly, unimportant. Make a partition of existing cabinets - the apotheosis of simplicity and economy, but it should be noted that this option may resemble a temporary camp for immigrants, and your guests may well decide that you have repairs.

To create not two rooms under one roof, but a single oneSpace for work and rest - this is the main problem of zoning the bedroom, from the decision which ultimately depends on success in both, and in another field.

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