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"Clothes" for walls or how to choose wallpapers

It should be borne in mind that bright or darkWallpaper will never fit for a small room - they will only make it look even more like a mink. In small rooms, you need to choose light and delicate wallpaper, they will give lightness and airiness to the interior. For large rooms, bright and convoluted wallpaper is just right. With such walls your interior will look refined, with a twist.

Increase the height of the ceiling will help the wallpaper with a clearExpressed vertical pattern, but choose them very carefully, because at the same time they can also narrow the space of your room. Narrow rooms, the shape of the "pinal" can be balanced with wallpaper with a horizontal pattern, you need to maximize this room in shape to the square, let only visually, but it will be spectacular.

In rooms with insufficient lighting,It is recommended to use wallpaper of warm, light shades, in rooms of brightly lit, it is recommended to use wallpaper of cold shades (green, blue or gray tones).

These are the most primitive rules for selecting wallpapers. Now consider in more detail, what colors of wallpaper, in which rooms in your house is better to place.

Peach-colored wallpaper is perfect forBedroom. A small bedroom with their help visually becomes more spacious, with the simultaneous creation of comfort and warmth. The mood in such a room will always be on top. In addition to wallpaper, white, beige, pink or soft brown curtains are suitable.

Wallpaper colors "beige" will help create an atmosphereTranquility and tranquility. This wallpaper tone is also suitable for bedrooms and living rooms. If you want to create an exquisite view of your room and give it charm, then combine beige wallpapers with wallpaper of darker tones.

To give a solemnity to the room, you canUse the wallpaper of golden hues. But do not get too involved, otherwise you risk overdoing with luxury. The most suitable for living room interiors.

Solar, yellow wallpaper will illuminate your interiorJoy and happiness. They can be used in the kitchen, in the bedroom, and in the living room. And the best they can do for rooms with insufficient lighting. Look harmoniously with almost all other shades.

Atmosphere of the holiday will help create wallpaperOrange colors. They carry the symbol of frenzied energy and strength, increase the mental capabilities of man. It is advisable not to use them in the bedroom, as increased excitability is exactly guaranteed to you, and you can not sleep peacefully. Best of all, these wallpapers are suitable for the kitchen.

Wallpapers of brown color peacefully act andOn the human psyche, and on his emotions. One of the trendy trend in wallpaper industry. Most often these wallpapers are used in the offices and living rooms, as they give the interior chic and sophistication.

Red wallpapers excite and enhance tone. Recommended for living rooms and halls. If you are a confident, independent person, then red is for you.

On the contrary, the wallpaper of the blue acts on the personTones, they soothe and reduce activity, so it is recommended that they glue walls in large bedrooms. They give coziness, at least a little and make space smaller. A healthy sleep and lack of fatigue are guaranteed to you!

Green color is striking in its juiciness andCheerfulness. Increases the volume of small rooms, "pushing" the walls. Complete absence of negativity and irritability. Light colors soothe, and darker, on the contrary, are an incentive for activity.

Whatever shades of wallpaper you choose, always imagine if you will be comfortable in the room with these wallpapers. Rejoice yourself!

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