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Basic principles of ergonomic kitchen

When arranging furniture it is necessary to minimizeNumber of obstacles. Choosing a place to install furniture, you need to relate not only the colors and textures of finishing materials. In the layout of the headset, it is important to consider how convenient it will be to use the upper shelves or lower drawers. Is there enough space for the passage, and also how freely the doors of cabinets and refrigerator open.

The convenience of working in the kitchen depends on the verticalSizes of furniture and appliances for the kitchen. These dimensions must be correlated with individual characteristics, for example, the growth of the owner. If all working surfaces have the same height, then a single working front is created, along which it is convenient to move the dishes. It can practically not be lifted to move to the cooking surface or from it. Also, a similar surface is easier to keep clean.

If there are problems with the back, it is betterUse different level furniture. The sink can be placed slightly higher, the desktop can be lowered slightly below the plate. In the process of working, the angle of the back inclination will constantly change, which will reduce fatigue.

Particular care should be taken to think throughArrangement of a small kitchen. Convenience and ergonomics in this case come to the forefront. If there is free space under the window, then it is possible to equip the shallow cabinets. Also, the space is saved by using a technique with combined functions, for example, a microwave with a grill function or an oven having a microwave function. The correct organization of a corner cabinet is important to make it more roomy and convenient. In a small kitchen is better to abandon the variety of decorative elements. They visually reduce space. Laconism and functionality will prove to be a more advantageous option.

In a comfortable kitchen, everything needed must be at hand. It is important at what level are the boxes and shelves. The height of the kitchen equipment can be divided into four zones.

The lowest zone starts from the floor andEnds at 40cm above its level. It is poorly viewed, therefore it is inconvenient to use. There it is best to store large and medium-sized items, as well as having a large weight, which is rarely used.

In a low zone, located in the space from 40 to 75 cm above the floor level, it is possible to store all large dishes and small appliances. Looking for small items there is uncomfortable.

In the middle zone all equipment is excellentIs seen. It is between 75 and 190cm above the floor. Here are products that are often used, small and fragile items, various utensils.

The high zone is above 190cm and therefore forOperation is inconvenient. To use the shelves you need to stand on a chair or a stepladder. There you can arrange items that are not used often. However, they should not be heavy.

An important aspect is safety in the kitchen. The location of the wall cabinets must take into account the growth, so that a person does not bump his head. The hood should be placed at a height of 70-75 cm above the electric stove and 5 cm above the gas stove. The cooker should not be on the aisle, otherwise there is a danger of hitting or dropping hot pans. Between the stove and the sink there must be at least 40cm of space, so that splashes of water do not accidentally extinguish the fire. Also, do not place the stove near the window. The distance should be at least 45cm. Otherwise, blowing out a fire or burning a curtain is possible.

To prolong the life of household appliances shouldTake into account its location. The refrigerator should not stand next to the gas stove. Heating from the plate, it begins to work hard to maintain the desired temperature.

Dishwashers and washing machines should be located near the risers of water supply. If they are located far away, then water pumps swing quickly through the hoses.

It is very difficult to take into account all requirements. It should be allocated for themselves the most important and in accordance with them to equip the kitchen.

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