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How to choose a multivariate for cooking tasty and healthy food

If you decide to move to a new level of cooking at home, then the multivar - this is exactly what you need.

In the multivarker you can cook almost anyDish, it will not only be delicious, but most importantly - incredibly useful. There are many recipes for preparing dishes in a multivark, from baking to sophisticated meat delicacies. In addition, one of the main advantages of the multivark is the saving of your time, you can control the time and cooking mode of any chosen dish.

Now there is no need to force the kitchenSpace a lot of unnecessary appliances, a multivarker can combine several familiar kitchen "assistants". It will be indispensable in the case if you expect guests, and there is very little time to cook. The multivariate will help to cook several dishes in a relatively short period of time, not only leaving the taste of your favorite dishes familiar, but also increasing their taste, plus preserving all the useful substances and vitamins.

If your friends and acquaintances already haveMultivark, then they certainly had time to tell you about its advantages. But if you do not have such acquaintances using this device, and you yourself have never used this kitchen appliance, then the choice of a multivark can be quite a difficult question.

Various Internet resources, forums, which offer discussion of kitchen appliances, where fans of delicious food and those who do not use the multivariate for the first time, come to the aid.

Before purchasing a multivarquet, decide for yourself a number of questions:

  • Where you will have a multivarker. Depending on the model, multivarkers take up more space than an electric kettle or a classic blender;
  • Approximate frequency of use of the new device;
  • Decide on the firm whose multivark you want to purchase;
  • See the pros and cons of the selected model of the multivark, learn about its main characteristics and read customer reviews.

Practical tips for choosing a multivark:

  1. It is desirable that the capabilities of the multi-Sufficiently wide. Starting from cooking and quenching products, finishing cooking dishes by frying and, of course, creating "masterpieces" of flour origin (cakes, pastries, etc.);
  2. Pay attention to the volume of the removable bowl insideMultivark. They are from 2.5 to 5 liters. The more you plan to spend time in the kitchen behind the multivar, and the more family members you need to feed, the more it is recommended to choose;
  3. The bowl of the multivarker is closed with a tight lid,Having a sealed valve. Check the functionality of the lid and valve, when preparing dishes, the possibility of air entering the multivarker should be excluded;
  4. The inner coating of the multivark is more optimalChoose non-stick for frying meat dishes. There are also five-layered coatings with marble spraying. Both of these options will serve for a long time and will not bring any hassle in the process of exploitation;
  5. Even in times of using pressure cookers it wasThe concept of "soft release of steam." The same principle exists and multivark. Choose a multivark with this function, after cooking, the steam accumulated inside will gradually leave the device;
  6. Pay attention to a wide range of functions(possibilities) of the future multivark. Any multivariate is controlled by a special microprocessor, and programs are changed using a touch screen. It will be wonderful if all the actions you performed during cooking were displayed on the display;
  7. Presence of a special timer, with the possibilityDelaying the start of cooking. It is very convenient for preparing "blanks" from the evening to get a warm and tasty dish from the morning (for example, curd casserole);
  8. The presence of a heating mode, the more, the better. Optimal time up to 12 hours;
  9. The number of modes and programs for cooking can differ for different multivarieties. Here, the choice is yours, it all depends on the preferences in the food and why a multivariate is purchased;
  10. The weight of the multivark. The average weight is about 3 kg, while the device will not take up much space in the kitchen;
  11. Useful additional trifles, coming with a multivark - cups, measuring spoons, containers for storing ready meals.

We can continue the list endlessly, because we live in the modern world, and the functionality of multivarieties is constantly being improved.

Come seriously to the choice of this device, and it will delight you with delicious and healthy dishes for more than one year.

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