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Earthenware or porcelain? We equip the bathroom

And then each of you have ideas aboutthe bathroom you are dreaming about !!! Spacious, bright, with a soft warm mat under your feet ... And an hour is another in fragrant water with foam, sea salt surrounded by scented candles that shine like fireflies. By the way, the toilet has deserved special attention, and deserves the best. Quality plumbing in the first place! To enter every day in the bathroom and go out as if from a holiday.

When you go to the store specializing inSelling plumbing, you will see not a small selection of toilets, sinks, bathtubs, etc. Here, not only the eyes look in all directions, the head goes around like a carousel, because in our time there are so many different kinds of sanitaryware. It differs not only in shape but also in colors and shades. And blue, green, brown. Suppose, if you have decided on the color of the walls in the bathroom, you can choose the plumbing to match them. But when a sales consultant approaches you and offers his help in choosing a plumbing - you do not need to get lost! You must know exactly what you want to buy. It makes sense to get acquainted with at least a minimal set of information on this topic. Of course, everyone knows that porcelain is better, is it? After all, rumors a couple can be false! Let's check!

What material should I give my preference to? Faience, there is no porcelain; but maybe porcelain, yep ... better faience. Materials from which the bathrooms will be made "convenience" are very important in the process of operation. In order not to get confused in these issues, we will consider the features of the materials, and then we will weigh the pros and cons. And we can make a wise decision!

Faience and porcelain as synonyms, have something in common,But next to this also have differences. If we consider the production method, then it is identical for these two materials. As raw materials for faience is white clay - kaolin, and for porcelain, in addition to white clay, quartz and feldspar are also used. The only difference is that different proportions of raw materials are taken. Firing in the production of porcelain is carried out at higher temperatures. If you do not comply with the firing temperature, then you can face undesirable consequences: product destruction, reduction in strength, deformation.

Consider porcelain for sanitary ware. First porcelain is mentioned in China, it was received in 620. His production of debt was kept secret, only in 1708 they received European porcelain. Porcelain itself is made of high-quality clay, the structure is impenetrable. Porcelain is a dense material, and also high-strength. Porcelain is a smoother material, and much harder than faience. When used with such plumbing there are no problems. It is very easy to remove dirt from the surface, this will please every mistress, because the cleaning time will noticeably decrease. Also, the structure does not absorb the stench, which can not but rejoice.

Let's move on to faience, this material in its own waystructure is porous. Therefore, the surface must be covered with a special glaze. If the products are not covered with glaze, then the material has properties to absorb moisture and remove contamination from such surfaces of sanitary ware will be labor-intensive processes. If the coating is present, then the problem is solved. But all the same to the porcelain sanitary ware, the quality of faience is not enough. Due to the porosity of the product can quickly lose its presentation, and plumbing will resemble a "sieve", although this will not affect the practical properties, but pleasing to the eye is the "sieve" will no longer be! Also, when choosing sanitary ware, price plays an important role. Porcelain in this case is more expensive! Do not forget about one more factor: buying plumbing from a large untwisted company, we will just overpay for the brand, not for the quality of the material.

Sometimes it is difficult for a young family to fork outexpensive plumbing, it is worth to share advice, domestic production of porcelain plumbing, may cost several times less than foreign-made faience. Remember this, because you save a penny a ruble! With the naked eye, an ordinary person can not tell a faience plumber from porcelain. After all, the products are applied a special coating, it is applied with a thin layer, under which the basic material of sanitary ware is hiding. If only look at the fracture of the product, the faience is much darker than porcelain. But no one will crumble the toilet to see what material it is made of. If the home budget allows you to buy china, then do not hesitate, it's worth it! Know what choice is, only yours! Rely not only on appearance, but also on the quality of products. As they say, everything is new, it looks good, but you have to look after this new one in order to keep a good look. And the easier care, the less worries! You yourself choose what you will see every day!

Appreciate everything that is said above and dare. Easy choice for you, in this difficult matter. Let all your decisions be taken on, a fresh head. If the decision is not accepted, you can ask the people who are versed in this matter, they will not advise bad! Let money in your wallets be kept, so that you will think about the issue of purchase price at the very last turn. So that all your dreams become a reality, and you with a calm soul and conscience could enjoy the aesthetic and practical qualities of your bathroom! Trust your intuition if it is connected with sound thoughts.

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