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How the color of the bedroom affects the sexual life of partners

How to change your sex life with color
  • If one of the spouses is sufficiently excitable in nature, has a tendency to change, in their bedroom there must be at least two elements of a salad color.
  • Couples wishing to have children need to have light blue tones with one bright red element. This can be, for example, curtains with ribbon or bow.
  • Robust and modest in an intimate life, notHaving erotic fantasies it is possible to advise to get bed-clothes in emerald tones. This color stimulates creative activity, thereby creating a fantasy. And also this color gives confidence.
  • In the event that the work of partners is related toPhysical activity, then the necessary color for bedding is green. Or, if the work is related to intellectual activity, then blue tones should prevail.
  • People who are overweight should notHis bedroom to observe the presence of orange. All because he stimulates the appetite. As, the spouses, going to bed, will overeat before going to sleep every day.
  • When the spouses lost the ability to speak the same language, dark golden colors should prevail in their bedroom.
  • If the spouses do not have enough strength for the lessonSex, then the main elements of the bedroom are purple, for example curtains and rug, will be able to remedy the situation. Also at the moment of erotic mood the night lamp of red color will give passion to your relations.
  • The bedroom should not be present in large quantities of brown color, as it speeds up the aging of the body cells.
  • At the newlyweds, the bedroom can be in multi-colored tones. But a couple who has lived together for many years, in the bedroom should be present no more than two or three different colored elements.
  • Spouses who want to change their sex life, saturate it with new discoveries, should have a bedroom in purple colors.
  • Spouses, who find it difficult to find a common language,Which are characterized by quarrels, frequent clarification of relations, absolutely should not use light yellow, bright red tones in the decor of your bedroom, you need to add a dark blue and dark yellow color to the interior.
  • For a better understanding of the spouse, you need to surround yourself with white color with elements of green colors.

Scientific research

Scientists have proved that the color of the interior of the bedroomVery much speaks about sexual life. In England, a survey was conducted with the participation of two thousand adults. During the experiment, the subjects shared their degree of sexual activity, describing the situation and the color spectrum prevailing in their bedrooms.

As a result, it became known that the prevailingSexual activity could be attributed to people who have their bedrooms in bright red and violet colors. And also it is worth noting that the frequency of intimate contacts in the bedrooms, in which the warmest tones predominated, is 3.18 and 3.49 times a week.

Representatives who spend time in rooms, with a predominance of pink or blue shades, the sex life was not so active, the same is 3,02 and 3,14 times a week.

The people who were surrounded by the interior in black tones,Had an intimate affinity of 2.43 times. If the interior was aged in orange, it is 2.36 times a week. The prevalence of brown shades is 2.10 times a week. White interior - 2,02, beige - 1,97, green 1,89 and finally, gray shades - 1,8.

Also, scientists have discovered that in addition to colorBed linen, the life of the insects is also influenced by the structure of the bed linen. The primary destination for sexual activity was occupied by people who prefer silk bedding. In second place, people who prefer cotton underwear. And, finally, the third place is occupied by lovers of nylon bed linen, and take advantage of polyester bedding sets.

It is also worthwhile to draw your attention to the fact that people, hiding in their sleep with a duvet, have sex about 1.8 times a week.

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