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Ornament in Art Nouveau style

There are a wide variety of ornaments in stylesArt Nouveau. Undoubtedly, for today, the most popular are the floral ornaments. They are decorated with ceilings, walls, tiles, cabinet doors, other furniture. Flower ornament can be executed both in monochrome tones, and in multi-colored. But it is worth noting that all the colors in this style are discreet, pastel. As for the very forms of flowers, the ornament can be an image of several purchased elements, as well as a large number of small items. The main difference between the ornaments in this style is their inseparable connection. All the flowers are intertwined with each other, creating a single composition. Modernity is the rejection of straight lines. That's why all the compositions consist of curved and curved. Initially, those who were engaged in fine arts, invested in the concept of "modern" the creation of paintings that collected all the beautiful from all different spheres of life. As a result, many modernists came to flower motifs.

The influence of cultures on modernity

It is worth noting that a hundred years ago at the modernThe culture of Japan was very influential. It was then that everything Japanese was new and original. And, as is known, in the Japanese culture there are a lot of pictures with the image of different trees and flowers. That is why, even in modern modern patterns, we can see flowers of cherry, bamboo and other representatives of the plant world of this natural zone. It is also worth noting that, in addition to Japan, modernity was also influenced by Egypt and ancient civilizations. Of these, many modernists drew inspiration, creating their masterpieces.

In the modern market of interior design, there isA lot of a wide variety of ornaments that combine floral motifs. By the way, it is worth noting that often depicting such an ornament, artists draw not only flowers, but also birds, which are very harmoniously fit into the overall picture.

Flower ornament on the door

Now it is very fashionable to decorate with floralOrnaments closet doors. This can be both a matte image on the glass, and a glass pattern on the matte door. Everything depends on the wishes of the client. There is a huge number of drawings, with which you can decorate the doors of such a necessary object interiors. Some paintings occupy the entire door leaf, others - decorate only a small part of it. Flower ornament can be supplemented by other elements that will make the author's idea more complete and complete. It is worth noting that the image on the door can be both monophonic and stained glass, depending on what the overall design of the room and what the client wants.

Decoration of walls and ceiling in Art Nouveau style

Pay attention to the flower ornaments inDecoration of walls and ceiling. It can be as whole compositions, and separate drawings, which evenly cover the area. If we talk about integral compositions, then artists are hired for their image, who specialize in this kind of design or use tiles. Sets of tiles are sold, with the laying of which you get a whole picture with a floral ornament in the Art Nouveau style. Such tiles are often decorated with bathrooms, especially if their overall style is Japanese.

If we talk about flower ornaments onCeiling, the first thing to remember right away is molding. There are many modern materials that allow you to create real masterpieces on your ceiling. With the help of such an ornament, you can focus on the interior (for example, the chandelier) or vice versa, divert attention from the defects of the ceiling, which you can not cope with. So, if you love Art Nouveau style, then modern floral design will be for you the most optimal and enjoyable for both the eyes and the soul.

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