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Hot water in winter and summer: flow and storage water heaters

Before you buy a water heater, you need to make a few clarifications:

  • Gas or electric model;
  • The age of the house, the features of the electrical network and the condition of the wiring;
  • Number of planned points of draw-off (washing, bath, shower, etc.);
  • The dimensions of the room intended for installing the water heater;
  • The number of household members and their preferences when using hot water.

Types of water heaters

All water heaters can be divided into twoLarge groups: gas and electric. Gas water heaters can only be used if there is natural gas in the house. They should be installed by specialists.

Electrical devices are arranged according to the principleBoiler. There are no difficulties in connection. All electric water heaters are divided into two types: flow and storage. Flow-throughs are aggregates that have high power. They warm up the flow of water passing through them, so the amount of warm water is unlimited.

Water heaters of storage type look likeSteel tanks with different capacities. In them, the water gradually heats up to the desired temperature, which is then maintained at a given level. Reduces the heat loss of a special thermal insulation.

Instantaneous water heater: hot spring

The convenience of a running water heater isThat it reproduces hot water continuously. The need to check the amount of remaining hot water does not arise, as well as counting on what exactly it can still suffice. Flowing water heaters are compact. Most often they are flat, not taking up much space.

The heaters instantly heat the water due to the special design of the heaters. Hot water flows immediately after the opening of the tap.

Models of modern instantaneous water heatersDiffer in features and in price. Small flowing water heaters have a flow of water up to five liters per minute and power from 3.5 to 5 kW. If this seems small, then attention should be paid to modern three-phase units. They are designed for a network of 380-480V, and their power reaches 27kW. Not every wiring can withstand such a load.

Water piggy bank

Models of water heaters of storage type haveTheir dignity. This is an easy installation and a relatively low power consumption. The device is connected to a normal electrical network of 220V. It does not overload it and does not require updating the wiring. The power of such devices is usually from 1.2 to 5 kW. Most of the water heaters have a capacity of 2 kW, which is enough to heat a large volume of water. Despite the fact that the accumulation systems consume electricity regularly to maintain the desired water temperature, in general they consume less flowing water heaters.

According to the storage model, you candivided into two groups. Water heaters with a small volume - from 5 to 20 liters - can serve a kitchen sink and other similar analysis points with low water consumption. Models with a volume of 30 to 200 liters are able to supply a bath and shower with hot water in the right amount.

It should be borne in mind that hot water is diluted during use, mixed with cold water. This increases its volume by about half.

To install most of the cumulativeWater heaters require a separate room, because they are very cumbersome. However, modern manufacturers offer models in a flat casing and with a universal installation, both vertical and horizontal.

The drawback of the storage water heaters isConsider a long heating process. It takes about one and a half to three hours to wait. The heating process depends on the power of the heaters, their number, and also on the presence of scale. To avoid the appearance of scale, models with a dry TEN have been developed.

Inside the tank the water heater can haveEnamel coating. This is a finely divided enamel or more durable variants - glass-ceramic and titanium enamels. This coating protects the metal walls of the tank against corrosion and temperature changes.

To keep the water hot and not longerElectricity was used to maintain the temperature, heat insulation was used. Most often it is a layer of polyurethane foam, which allows you to store heat for several hours.

Quality models have protection systems: from overheating, from switching on without water and overpressure.

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