/ How to choose a plasma TV?

How to choose a plasma TV?

But how can one orient in such a number of proposals? To make the right choice, you need to have at least a minimal understanding of some parameters. Here we will now talk about them.

Some parameters.

Let's start with the screen diagonal (note thatPlasma monitors with a diagonal of less than 42 inches now almost does not happen). Its length depends on the size of the room where the TV will be installed. It is desirable that the distance between the viewer and the monitor is at least 4 diagonals.

The greatest demand is medium formatModel (42-52 inches). Screens of larger sizes are much more expensive, and image quality is not so much better to pay that price. Yes, and large monitors (60 or more inches) are more suitable for presentations in large halls.

The screen resolution depends on the number of pixelsVertical and horizontal and determines the image quality. The higher the resolution, the better the image. In relatively inexpensive models, this is 1024x768 pix. The best for today is the resolution of Full HD 1080p (1920x1080 pix), especially since recently the prices for such models are decreasing.

A large viewing angle allows you to enjoy viewing anywhere in the room. The most convenient viewing angle is 160-180 degrees.

It is also important, especially for models with a large screen, to pay attention to the method of image formation. With progressive scan it is more clear, without jittering of lines and flicker.

Brightness ranges from 450 cd / sq. M to 2000 cd / sq. M. M. The contrast ratio can reach 3,000,000: 1 or more. The refresh rate of the frames is 400-600 Hz. But these figures are still not decisive when choosing. Often these parameters are indicated simply as possible.

Do not forget about the power of the built-in speakers. The most optimal option - two speakers with a power of 10-15 W, if you, of course, do not decide to purchase an acoustic system with surround sound separately.

What else to pay attention to?

If you plan to connect additional devices (headphones, DVD player, digital video camera, game console, etc.), pay attention to a sufficient number of connectors and ports.

Specify the availability of the TV tuner and their number. After all, if you want to use the picture-in-picture function, or if you scan one program at the same time and record another, you will not have enough of one tuner.

Decide how important it is for youAnti-static and anti-glare screen, sleep timer, protection from children. If you use your purchase for computer games, find out if there is a possibility of connection with a computer. Remember that additional functions (3D in Full HD, image optimization, Bluetooth, the presence of a web camera, access to the Internet, etc.) will require additional costs.

Do not forget about the wall mount or the stand for the TV. Be sure, its elegant slim body will decorate any interior.

About small flaws.

Plasma TVs consume up to 40Percent more. The service life, subject to daily viewing for eight hours, until recently was 30,000 hours. But modern developers argue that this figure has increased to 100,000 hours. The disadvantages include a lot of weight and a fairly high cost.

About manufacturers and prices.

Samsung, Panasonic, LG - the market leaders in the marketOf this segment. The price range of Samsung brand is from 12490 rubles. (UE19ES4000) up to 199990 rubles. (UE65ES8000). The company Panasonic offers us a model from 14190 rubles. (TH-37PR11RH) to 188,890 rubles. (TX-PR65VT50). The cost of TVs LG - from 15,799 (42PA4510) to 76,990 rubles. (60PM970S). The difference in price is due, first of all, to the large possibilities of expensive models, and also depends on the screen size, the resolution and other indicators. The most popular among buyers recently used models Panasonic TC-P65VT50, Samsung PN64E8000 and LG 60PM9700.

By the way, manufacturers have taken care of the ecological safety of their products, having refused to use mercury and lead in production.

Given the main technical characteristics,Knowing about the small flaws, based on your desires and needs, it is not difficult to acquire exactly the plasma TV, which for many years will please you with a quality image, amazing sound and exquisite design. Successful purchase!

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