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Basic rules for communicating on a mobile phone

Today, when each of us hasPocket a small mobile phone, which at any time can "connect" with a person who is expensive or is far away, the problem of communication rules over the phone is very acute. And therefore, if you yourself have such a phone, you first of all need to learn these rules well. Well, let's all the same talk about the "mobile etiquette" and the basic canons of mobile communication. So, we want to introduce you to the principle of basic rules of communication on a mobile phone.

Despite the fact that the basic rules of mobileEtiquette now exist only at the development stage and very few people know about them, they still need to be considered and observed in any phone call. Therefore, the basic rules already existing in the world should become your foundation, which you must rely on in everyday life.

The first of these rules is the correct andThe rational construction of a conversation during a conversation on a mobile phone. Agree that the main purpose of this phone is not to talk for hours on end to a new guy or a new outfit. Even if you can afford such a pleasure, having unlimited traffic, think about your interlocutor. Maybe he just does not dare to interrupt the conversation, afraid to offend you, but in reality he does not like this long conversation. By the way, and if this is another plus to all the person called you himself, here already it is not only about his time, but also about his money. Especially it concerns if the circle of people calling you is basically students or schoolchildren whose mobile accounts are often replenished by parents. So you need to be very economical to communicate by phone. If you really want to pour out your soul so much, take the money out of yourself and call for communication. Of course, the best way out of this situation will be the same unlimited form of communication.

Immediately, as soon as you get through to the rightDo not forget to say hello, and in the event that you call for the first time and your number is not entered in the phone book of your friend's friend, be sure to introduce yourself. Then you need to ask if your friend can talk with you at the moment. If he is busy, then ask him when he should get a call back so that he can talk to you calmly, and you did not take him from the case.

Another important rule is thatLong conversations on a mobile phone, you can annoy not only your telephone interlocutor, but also those who surround you. So, if you have the opportunity, at the moment when you are talking on the phone, to leave a crowded place, where at this moment you are, for example, leaving an audience or office, it will be very good and right. But if you are in public transport at the moment when your mobile phone rang, if it's not that important a call, ask the person calling you to call you later or promise that as soon as you can, you can call back.

By the way, phone calls in theaters, onConcerts or other places of public recreation - this is a very acute issue. Visiting such establishments, we think, it will not be difficult for you to turn on your phone silent ring mode, vibrating alert or just turn it off for a while. Remember yourself how it looks bad when someone is starting to ring the phone very loudly while watching a movie in the cinema. As you noticed, it is very annoying and contributes to the fact that you lose the essence of the plot line of the film.

Often among the owners of telephones complainsThat, having got their "pocket friend", they are sure that they should always keep it next to themselves. And this is true. Here is another rule from the world of mobile etiquette. Always, in case of an important call, carry the mobile with you. It is thanks to him that you will have a significant number of pluses. But sleeping with a mobile phone, taking a shower or bath with him is just not recommended.

And a few words about SMS-kah. First of all, try to always respond to the "sms-ki" of your friends who came to your phone. Also, do not forget to use special emoticons, with which you can show your emotions and what your mood is now. Plus, with their help, you can show your reaction to the essence of the message that was received from this or that person.

Still important during a conversation on the mobileAlways remember your safety. You ask what it is? An interesting fact in this situation is the fact that a significant number of road accidents happen due to inattention associated with conversations at the wheel. By the way, pedestrians are also concerned. For example, when a person listens to music on headphones or just talks on the phone, he rarely looks around and watches what is happening around him. Therefore, the basic rules of mobile communication also include caution. In a word, try not to talk on the phone when you need to show your attentiveness on something.

That's the way the main requirements look.Correct communication on a mobile phone and use it. So let your mobile communication be just like that. Remember that with the right approach to using a mobile phone, you will be able to discover a new light of mobile communication in the modern rhythm of your life. Good luck!

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